Facebook Is Paying The Institute For Strategic Dialogue To Monitor And Change Your Right-Wing Views


Facebook spends 10s of millions of dollars to track behaviors and attitudes of FB users.

Influences (through phone apps and social media messages) both the target AND their FRIENDS, FAMILY, AND WORK GROUPS

Plans to spread to closed forums and social media platforms.

Methods were tested on “terrorists” and “Islamic extremists”, now to be used on ANYONE liking or commenting on right wing groups, meme pages, etc

Document linked below:

Counter-Conversations_FINAL.pdf (1.7 MB)


I just got banned for 30 days for responding to some one that called me a pussy grabber. I joined gab.ai

A conservative twitter


Gab is garbage and is an intelligence community honeypot. Where do you think Torba got millions of dollars from out of the clear blue sky. He’s bought. It’s a right wing containment site and data mining operation.


I had no idea… I thought it was owned by conservatives


Can we please try to stay on topic this thread isn’t about Gab. Watch the video and learn something.


Of course they do, this is their business model. They track users, analyze their habits, and sell advertising space to companies that are looking to advertise to people thar meet certain criteria. West 49 and facebook pilotted a project that scanned a users photos, if a certain percentage of your tagged photos in facebook had you wearing a hat you would get a west 49 hat ad. Target pilotted a project that tried to analyze your behaviour to guess if you were pregnant and give you baby advertising. There are multiple engagement companies (rings, honeymoon, etc…) Companies that only want to advertise to couples and facebook analyzes your patterns to guess of you are. They also pilotted a program to see if they could affect your mood by showing you only negative news feeds.

Facebook has been doing this to silence subjects like fukishima and the ongoing fall out from the nuclear plants there.

Was only a matter of time before it was politicized. Good video and worth the watch if you are not familiar with facebook policy.


Calm down! It was relevant to the topic


Man…that’s some creepy shit. Notice how it’s only focused on the ‘extreme right’ and not the extreme left and right. Only the right. It’s a civic duty to get people off of Facebook.


The Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) is a London-based ‘think and do tank’

that has pioneered policy and operational responses to the rising challenges of violent extremism and inter-communal conflict. ISD’s founder and president was George Weidenfeld, Baron Weidenfeld.[1]

George Weidenfeld was born in Vienna, Austria in 1919,[3] He was the only son of Max and Rosa Weidenfeld.[1] Weidenfeld attended the University of Vienna and the city’s Diplomatic College. Following the Anschluss (Germany’s annexation of Austria) in 1938, he emigrated to London and began work with the monitoring service of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).[3]

By 1942 he was a political commentator for the BBC and also wrote a weekly newspaper column, coming into contact with General de Gaulle and Tito as a result.[4] Not long afterwards, from 1949, he was away for a year as the political adviser and Chief of Cabinet to Chaim Weizmann,[4] the first President of Israel.

Weidenfeld married Jane Sieff in 1952, daughter of Israel Sieff, Baron Sieff[13] who was a part of the family that controlled Marks and Spencer.


Im curious what you define as the extreme left beyond a collection of anarchists, conspiracy theorists, and the occasional hardcore marxist. Facebook has been censoring that group for quite sometime…ive seen tons of 9/11 was an inside job facebook threads get zuked (zuked or zuckered being the term for a post and all its comments being deleted by facebook). Admitadely at this level the far right and far left have overlaps.


Pro tip: you can download the video, then play using VLC media player at a higher speed to get thru it quicker, using the “]” key.


About this paper

This report outlines the results of a programme trialling a methodology for identifying individuals who are demonstrating signs of radicalisation on social media, and engaging these individuals in direct, personalised and private ‘counter-conversations’ for the purpose of de-radicalisation from extremist ideology and disengagement from extremist movements. This is
the first programme globally which has trialled the delivery of online interventions in a systematised and scaled fashion.

I’m not sure how this is a bad thing???

The four big social media companies have entered a partnership in cooperation with the government, fighting radicalization and extremism.


So they are an extension of the government is what you are saying.


Yes, just like my medical billing company that works in cooperation with Medicare and Medicaid daily is an extension of the government. :roll_eyes:


Yeah no one that’s gonna do serious “radical” shit would even talk about it on facebook. “Radicalisation” is a vague term for a good reason, you can call someone ugly and end up being “radical” and get banned/targetted by Facebook


I don’t use Facebook, never have. Do they have user rules like this forum does. Is name calling and personal insults a rules violation??


Oh…look who’s back!


What’s that suppose to mean. I didn’t go anywhere.


What the hell does that even have anything to do with what was stated in the video that you didn’t watch. Do you want to see if Facebook has rules? Go to Facebook and look it up. Stop posting your trash comments all over the goddamn place.


What the hells wrong with you. Look at the question that I was asked!!! How is it that your post is relevant to the video?