Facebook Live Video of Chicago Blacks Kidnapping and Torturing a White Man - Clear Case of Racism and Political Violence


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Mug shot of one of these kidnapping torturing animals:

This will be buried by the mainstream media.


This was a politically and racially motivated kidnapping, assault, and assault with a deadly weapon.

This is not just racism…it’s TERRORISM.

Let the SJWs and MSM know that they are supporting racist terrorists. Spread this everywhere.


13% of the population folks. It won’t be difficult to clean up this mess.


While this video is quite upsetting to watch, you don’t know the circumstances. The police need to do their jobs before any conclusions can be made. Try not to be so hateful. We don’t know the backstory or if there was any sort of provocation involved. We just need to understand first before we make any judgements. African-Americans are victimized by whites at an alarming rate in this country. We need to acknowledge that and be prepared to accept the fact that occasionally some things like this may happen as a result of systematic oppression. I’m not saying that it is right. Violence is never the answer. We just need to understand, heal, and treat one another with dignity and respect so that we can all move on together.


They kidnapped and tortured a special needs student you cucked jackass.


This is actually the second time a white person was victimized in Chicago for being a Trump supporter (whether he was or not is unknown). Remember the guy beaten at an intersection and then dragged with his own car with one of the blacks driving? Before that a white lady was driving from the hospital on the south side and a bunch of “youths” attacked and vandalized her car for being in “their” neighborhood.


The kid has his jacket cut open with a knife, a knife held in front of his eyes and his face, a gash from a slash wound on his head is oozing blood and is continuously poked, he is punched, slapped, kicked and strangled by the looks of it. And worst of all…they use his head as an ashtray oh and he’s mentally handicapped.


RT is the only major news outlet reporting on this story.


Her name is Brittany Herring - plaster it everywhere.


They make him drink urine out of the toilet and yell ‘F— DONALD TRUMP’


This is what BLM looks like.


Chicago Police Commander Kevin Duffin said the following:


Racist Chicago Police Superintendent said the following:


FAKE NEWS: CNN Just Called the Kidnapping & Torturing By Brittany Herring & Black Lives Matter Supporters Of Special Needs Donald Trump Supporter A ‘Beating’


There would be nationwide riots, supported by Obama, if the races were reversed in this revolting racist BLM kidnapping.


If 4 white guys were caught on video torturing a mentally disabled black man today - the top story on EVERY MSM outlet would be:

‘Will Trump disavow the actions of his supporters’

‘Why hasn’t he disavowed yet’

‘Trump is a racist’


The left is moving out quickly to justify this:


Mark Zuckerberg - why didn’t you censor this black racist’s video showing felony assault & abuse of disabled man who supports Trump? Why didn’t you report her to the police? Why didn’t you help free this man - because he’s white? You censor a naked statue but not this?


The hard fact is that this crime is a direct result of Black Lives Matter propaganda, whether they’d like to deny involvement or not. I say deport all involved in the movement, they don’t belong in the first world.



Look at those crocodile tears. Trash like this needs to be sterilized, lobotomized, and neutralized.