Facebook Live Video of Chicago Blacks Kidnapping and Torturing a White Man - Clear Case of Racism and Political Violence


People need to lose their badges if these people don’t go down for a Hate Crime. If it was White people doing this to a Black person there would be no hesitation.


As is BLM


This is horrific, and symptomatic of how the BLM types feel justified in doing anything to anyone - from disrupting highways to violent protest, to now this. That Rahm Emmanuel’s cops are having trouble calling this a hate crime is exactly the sort of thing you can expect if and when the left gets control of the country.


Looks like the video went down.


Fox And Friends is reporting on this now and they are criticizing it, but it’s their morning show and they went pretty light on it.


My God are you among the living ? The f-ing back story ? Accept the fact things like this may happen , REALLY ? And therefore because of this supposed "victimization " by who knows , then ANY white will do ? So Obama should have waited also before making dumb comments right ? Did you believe the "hands up don’t shoot " story ? This is on the Obama administration he spent 7 years dividing our nation with stupid one sided comments .


He lives in a gated community and only views minorities as a charity project.


Hmmm… Let’s change this headline for this attack a little so we can ponder what what would be happening all across this country today if hypocrisy didn’t reign: “Disabled BLACK man bound, gagged, and beaten by WHITE men shouting F-xxx BLACK people, F-xxx OBAMA”.

There would be riots and protests everywhere. These chicken couldn’t even kidnap someone who could defend themselves. You can be darn sure the DOJ would be chomping at the bit waiting to file hate crime charges.


Perhaps Obama can give them awards for their courage before leaving office, after all he fostered this behavior .


These savages have forsaken the right to call themselves human. They kidnapped a person who is classified as having special needs and beat, cut and humiliated him. Are some of you on this forum really going to defend these actions?


After the horror of seeing this video, Kamala Harris, CA’s newest Senator, winces when hate crime charges are mentioned- this tells the whole story of the Dems. and BLM.

Watch 1:00 to 1:20, then look at Harris wince at the mention of possible hate crime charges (clearly she believes this is just innocent hijinks with a White Devil) at around 2:07.

This is what would have held power had Clinton been elected.


Chicago PD relents under ENORMOUS pressure and says the 4 Black Teens are to be charged with a HATE CRIME!

Ok, white people, stop burning down the city and looting…oh wait…nevermind…we don’t do that.


These are the faces of racial hatred in America. Take a hard look.


I think I can actually see the EVIL that dwells in their souls…They probably think they are ‘victims’ and were unjustly arrested - expecting visits from Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson.



Let them rot


YES!!! Blacks have FINALLY been charged with a hate crime!


I feel terrible for the boy but he was a supporter of the cause and his perseverance under extreme duress just course corrected civil rights in this country. Thanks to him, normies are finally taking their red pills. Trump should give him a front row seat at the inauguration and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Normies redpilled:


More like a basement dweller with little contact with humans and believes in unicorns !


I’m wondering if they did this to gain “street cred” in their repulsive thug culture? They had to have known that this was going to land them in prison.


I hope that was theit plan. They were forgetting that most prisons in the United States have significant Aryan Brotherhood populations. I don’t think the two men will last more than a few weeks.