Facebook Live Video of Chicago Blacks Kidnapping and Torturing a White Man - Clear Case of Racism and Political Violence



Even the gang that these idiots were aligning themselves to have disavowed what those little maniacs did.


It doesn’t matter what that guy says @BigTom its Black Lives Matter that needs to come out and say something. You know what the difference is between BLM and ISIS?

ISIS takes responsibility.


The judge has denied their bail. Smart.


Washington Post is worried that the Facebook live streamed torture session provides evidence of anti-white racism.


Here is the GoFundMe page for the victim. The goal was 10k to help with medical and legal expenses. It’s currently sitting at around 80k. I just donated 10 dollars.


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I’m not backing down from my comments. Racism is alive and well in America. This thread proves it. I’m not justifying violent activities. I’m explaining to those who are misguided and uninformed that people of color may at times feel backed into a corner by vicious racist treatment and attacks. When this happens PoC have no choice but to defend themselves. That may not be the case here, but we don’t have all of the facts. Suspend your judgement until we know more. Is that really so unreasonable? Now, stop violating forum rules with personal attacks or I will flag your posts.


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More personal attacks. No thoughtful analysis. Your posts demonstrate the intellectual capacity of the right.


Much better than the nonsense you are dishing out by the truck load . Your in that liberal daze .


Ha! That’s the best you can do? You can’t even back up your own claims or refute mine with any level of sophistication or…wait for it…EVIDENCE. Now I’m having fun. I should move a little slower so you can keep up but I just can’t help myself.


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No need for burn treatment, although I can recommend some great doctors through Obamacare. I would suggest a remedial reading course, a course in US history, a course in civics, and perhaps a course in political science…but be careful they use math and big words.


If you took those courses and are able to embarrass yourself continually , NO THANKS !


If Dr. Martin Luther King were alive today, the black supremacists in BLM would label him a coon and an Uncle Tom for not being down with the cause that everything black people do is good and right, black on black crime should be ignored and whitey has to fix it all.


This group actually exists:


CBS News made a completely deceptive story that tried to make the attackers sound white and the victim sound black. This is completely unbelievable.


How do they get away with crap like this? Blatant misrepresentation.


My local news had only mentioned that the person attacked was handicapped and said nothing about him being a Trump supporter or about the assault being political. Thank god for the internet. Fake news have probably been going on forever and we’re just realizing now.