Facebook to pay an additional $10M for Zuckerberg's personal security


Zuckerberg – who says privacy isn’t a value that’s important to most people any more – owns the four houses on either side of his Silicon Valley house so that no one can use them as a perch to spy on him; he bought 100 acres around his Hawai’ain beach house, suing native Hawai’ians to force them to sell to him, so that he could have a buffer between him and the world.

Last year, Facebook spent $7.33m on Zuck’s personal security. This year, they’re upping it by $10 million more. It’s way, way more than other firms spend on their CEOs’ security.

Walls, fences or other barriers surrounding homes of the ultra-wealthy are typically equipped with motion sensors and monitored by cameras that can be programmed to recognize certain faces. The space between external barriers and a house often contain another layer or two of intrusion detection, such as buried cables or pressure pads, or something as simple as dense vegetation or crushed gravel that’s noisy underfoot.

Typical measures inside residences can include ballistic windows, cameras, safe rooms, reinforced doors, walls and locks, and simple things such as strong hinges to prevent doors from being knocked down. The costs of all that, as well as maintaining surveillance, can run into the seven figures, Jones said.


I can’t wait for the day that Facebook crashes and burns. I want to see Zuckerberg lose his shirt although that probably won’t ever happen. I’d at least like to see him pay for these expenses out of his own pocket instead of at the expense of shareholders.


Facebook probably gets to deduct it as a business expense. That’s probably why the company is footing the bill and not Cuckerberg.


Will these “security” detail have GUNS ? We all know liberal scumholes are against ALL guns unless it’s to save their fu*ked lives ! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


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Can you keep one thread on track? This thread has absolutely nothing to do with Trump. It’s about Zuckerberg and his paranoid level of private security which is interesting because he actually doesn’t give a shit about anyone else’s privacy or security.


This weird little freak space clown is going to be spending 17. 3 million dollars on private security for himself after his company’s stock just took the biggest dump on Wall Street. Shareholders need to contest this. If the little freak space clown wants to live in a safe space he can go to his private section of Hawaii.


He’s a billionaire CEO, I think he’ll do as he wishes.


He’s a billionaire. Thought you liked billionaires, snicker.