Fake Citizens... Say It Ain't So


So… lets get this straight… illegals don’t vote illegally but they actaully managed to game the system all the way to citizenship?..


I’m shocked I tell you, shocked.


This is an outrage! Citizenship is the most important thing an immigrant can get! My parents were immigrants and were only given citizenship because they were persecuted for being Christians and were also both doctors…my dad being a pediatric surgeon. It took my parents years to get citizenship and they spent a lot of money on lawyers and making investments in small businesses here in the US to prove their commitment! This makes me so angry!


Probably not as angry as the people we displaced to create the country to begin with.


What about the people displaced by the spread of the Ottoman empire into Europe?


You have to be one miserable person to be around , totally negative , filled with blinding hatred. Why do you even bother ??? :roll_eyes:


He also won’t comment about Europeans being displaced. He will only comment about “native people” being displaced because it’s a part of some bizarre argument that he can’t seem to ever string together coherently.

Not being a dick. Just saying that’s what I’ve noticed. Happy to eat my words if I’m wrong.


Monty’s TDS and his depression can end well ! :fearful:


What exactly is a “native person” go back far enough on the timeline of humanity and you will find that people often thought to be natives actually came from other locations - possibly displacing other populations upon their arrival. What about the displacement of neanderthals? Aren’t we all guilty of that? How can that debt be repaid @Montecresto1?


Excellent attempt to divert the conversation.


He only wets his pants about illegal hispanics especially mexicans.


That’s for others to concern themselves with. I don’t have a dog hunting that run. But as a person living in America, working in America, paying taxes in America, I concern myself with what America does.


Neanderthals aren’t knocking on the door asking to be allowed back in. Funny that you’d confuse current grievances with events of 50,000 years ago. :joy::joy::joy:


Current?.. could you be more specific because it sounds like the Mexican American war… or American Independence… or John Smith or perhaps Juan Ponce de León or for the native population that was absorbed and commingled by Cortez in the name of Spain? Both Aztec and Inka were late arrivals to their predecessor and the Inka were quite a violent, subjugating lot. The current ‘Always Our’ tribes of the Black Hills in Dakota were occasional allies of the conquering Cheyenne and didn’t take up residence in that area until the 1830’s… How current and are the people who are knocking just another group of interlopers who you have been smalled into believing you owe them your home?


The Spanish owned the west coast for 200 years, the Mexican non government 25 years and bubba thinks it should go back to Mexico.

Shrug, shrug, shrug!


Ok, but why should people need to immigrate to the very place there ancestors are from?


So you should be able to return to the country of your origin, will it be soon?


Nah who would believe these honest hard working illegals would illegally vote or game the social services system??? MUSTbe some right wing conspiracy theory, :-1:t6:


Paybacks s bitch… :wink:


Let’s not be to hard on The Count of Montecristo. After all he does provide a certain entertainment level to Freebird. :sunglasses: