Fake Citizens... Say It Ain't So


Yes… yes… little one line bitches about very big subjects with absolutely no detail as to what YOU think is a fix… you don’t share your intellect willingly. You don’t really talk about how we got here, what went off the rails and what you see as a future course. Its easy to repeatedly say the US has a trashy USFP and as a general remark I can agree with you… but it is of course likely the specifics that we diverge on… and more importantly just how we correct the foreign policy without destroying the world left with multiple vacuums.

Cute… I guess you are one of those that see your life and pleasure in one hand and responsibility in the other… and reject the responsibility as a choice…


I don’t think that is true… Well… it might be of some but I don’t and have never considered myself a ‘disciple’ of Trump or any president. Actions speak far louder than words. For all of the massive pushback that he receives from democrats and the media every single day and the faction of his own party that refuses to back him even after they demanded he sign a loyalty pledge to the party. Trump within the confines of the reality he has around him is moving in the general direction he promised he would… so in that regard, I support him and overlook the framing game. It has worked for him because people are well fed up with being told that aren’t allowed to comment on this or that.

You have repeatedly talked about how he trashes people. I would like you to objectively look back to the time when he announced and tell me 1. who he attacked first and 2. if is attacks on specific people were anyone who did not have the power to answer back… he never took cheap shots at any American that didn’t have the money, power or voice to answer back.

You are right that some will acknowledge nothing that he has done wrong but other than bad manners I’m no so sure what he has actually done wrong… other than piss off the left for winning and having a growing popularity.


Wrong again, I’ve been very specific about sidelining both parties. The democrats and republicans are both responsible (alternatively) for our history of abusive foreign policies.


Does supporter ease your wrinkles…the balance is just another effort to defend Trump and is dismissive of both his nastiness, and the corruption in his party and his lies. Like I said, there’s no progress because Americans are as patronizing as they’ve ever been. So…corruption in both parties will remain.


Like I said, as long as he is doing what I held to be important while he was a candidate… I’m in. Now I fully realize the reality of Washington and hope he doesn’t drown, which is a distinct possibility, but as long as he is still swinging for the bleachers and their is much to fix and expose… I’m in… So if you are asking me does it bother me that he cracks a few eggs in reordering the omlt… No.


See… Their are two important words that relay a message… the Communicator… and the Receiver… If the receive says that your message is garbled, incomplete or indecipherable… you have not communicated. You can rant and rave that you have… but if the receiver says you haven’t … you haven’t. Their is another recent member on this forum that seems to not understand this fact and gets crazy upset when it is pointed out. Again… you may have found fault in USFP and conveyed that with one liners, but your detail is little or none and your thoughts about extricating ourselves from those errors are non existent.


Right, as long as Pruitt’s running environmental protection regulations into the ground, his corruption will be ignored. The TIC is fertilizing the swamp. Laura Ingram at least is calling out the crook.


While I disagree, I can’t figure out why you want to communicate with me sense you’re not going to pay attention.


That out of one side of your mouth but nothing but criticism of our institutions and agencies, in fact a deep state swamp is all you really see.


I still have some respect for due process… if he is found wrong in his conduct, I would hope he is dealt with but sometimes it is difficult to know what is right and what is wrong… the left made a big deal out of his phone booth and its expense but Obama’s guy spends considerably more and nothing is said… If it was legit great, if not… his bad. As far as some of the travel and security expense… I think you know that the death threats aren’t fake… By the way… the EPA was a creation of an idea to clean up toxic waste sites… It seems to me that mission creep got well and truly out of hand…


I pay attention to all good arguments and in fact sometimes… fundamentally you and I do agree but as they say, the devil is in the detail… This comms thing isn’t just about me… you have had similar comments from several others on this forum. As far as wanting to communicate with you… why else would I be on a forum like this if not to exchange thoughts?


I don’t like that Pruitt guy. I think he shouldn’t be having a good time on my tax dollars when he has his own cash to spend. Fuck that guy.


You won’t find many republicans that will see that. Laura Ingram is calling him out and has stated that he’s damaging the president.


Yeah that’s because there are too many company men in the administration and not enough people who actually want to reduce the federal government to nothing.


Well, you can’t run a country on no government, but I get the point.



Ummm…there is no such thing as a fake citizen. This has already been proven by Michael Christopher Mejia and that’s why I love :sparkling_heart: him. He is a strong person of color trying to make a life for him and his family in America. He killed a cop and that’s what makes him so great, cops are racist misogynist brutal pigs who should leave the POC community alone! He stood up to the man and is an inspiration for migrants everywhere to not integrate and obey the laws and customs of the country they move to. Just be yourself. That’s the message.


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Oh yeah,he’s a choir boy on Sunday and helps old ladies across the street !!! All cops target minorities and arbitrarily shoot unarmed people.
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Listen… I know that you are nothing more than an asshat troll… so, nothing much else to say really…


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