FAKE NEWS: Press & Police Lie About Tommy Robinson's Terrorist Contact


Ash Sharp

Well well well. It seems like the British Mainstream Media truly knows no depths to which it is not appropriate to sink in search of dirty tales and the valuable clicks that they bring.

Tommy Robinson is a British activist-cum-journalist, now with Canada's Rebel Media. He has been involved with and subsequently left Nationalist groups like the British National Party (BNP) and the English Defence League. He left both groups, he has said, because of the overt racism of the members. Today, he is a journalist with Canada's RebelTV and a published author with an Amazon No.1 Best Seller, Mohammed's Koran.

Suffice to say, he doesn't like Islam very much. This makes Robinson a target for the left-wing press in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, Mr. Robinson and his family have experienced attention from the Police that most free-minded people would consider draconian at the very least.

The latest installment in Tommy Robinson Versus The Entire British Media, Political and Judicial Hegemony comes from the case of Darren Osborne, a man on trial for running down Muslims with a van outside Finsbury Park Mosque in London. One man died in the attack.

For reasons best known to themselves, The Independent has through-out the trial insinuated that Osborne was somehow radicalized by Tommy Robinson into committing terrorism. Although the two had never met, never spoken or otherwise communicated, the prosecution, in this case, has claimed that Robinson sent two messages to Osborne.

The Independent reported this with all the glee of a school-yard snitch.

The case also includes testimony from Osborne's partner, claiming that he had been seen reading Robinson's tweets on Twitter. Prepare the fainting couch, I am having a funny moment. Tweets. On the internet. Have been read.

We have no report as to what these tweets were, but we can be sure that if Mr. Robinson said much more than boo to a goose on Twitter, he would be kicked off the site faster than you can say 'Milo Yiannopolous' haircut is getting out of control.' Yet, Robinson must be painted as Luton's own Nega-Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The far right must be made real, as terrible as Islamic extremism itself.

And so, the court was told that:

That certainly seems incriminating evidence. I'm sure that Prosecutor Jonathan Rees QC, prosecuting, would not deliberately mislead the court. He is a well respected Queen's Counsel with a stellar reputation. I don't know Robinson personally but I don't see him as the mastermind of a far-right terrorist network despite the best efforts of the Mainstream Media to paint him as one. I do have to query the relevance of bringing this non-evidence to light when it transpires the alleged messages that Osborne received from Robinson were automated emails sent through Robinsons RebelTV mailing list.

Yes, the lion's share of coverage of a major terrorism prosecution has been devoted to a mailing list. Congratulations, British media. Once again you look like incompetent fools. Unless the emails were themselves inciting violence against Muslims, they are irrelevant to the case. As they were sent out to no doubt hundreds if not thousands of recipients, surely Robinson himself would have been charged with a crime if these emails were not above board.

Nobody is under any compulsion to like or agree with Tommy Robinson. He does cut too close to the bone for some people. He should not be the victim of this manner of denigration in the Court when he has nothing whatsoever to do with the case.

The sad state of affairs is that instead of reporting the truth of the matter, The Independent has chosen to pursue a vendetta because Robinson criticises Islam. This is what the press is doing in the UK, using a crime in which an innocent man was murdered to smear another citizen whose only crime is disobedience to the dominant narrative.

By 'eck, it makes you feel proud to be British, that does. Nothing is more in keeping with the spirit of Britain than a guy getting death threats from radical activists because the Police, the Courts and press are unable to put ideological differences aside in service of the truth.

Grow up and show some damned respect, the lot of you. This is not a game.

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For ages Robinson was pretty much the only person speaking out against the Kebab Threat to the point that leftists tried to get him murdered by Somalis in prison.

He is doing exactly the right thing, confronting the greatest threat to Western society.


To my eternal shame, I used to believe the hype about him. How wrong I was.


Tommy has some connections that I’m personally not good with, but he has been a bulldog out on the front lines for over a decade. He was bringing the pain well before anyone else even had the balls to notice things were wrong - let alone speak up about them. I know that for me his on the street videos were the the ones that got me thinking about the bigger problems of Western societies being overrun by Muslims.


Holy shit man. Engage in free speech, send out automated promotional emails to get the word out, get charged with terrorism. I’m so glad I don’t live in the UK but if we aren’t careful this is exactly what we can expect to experience here if leftists get control of government again. I don’t know how the UK justice system works but I hope there is a jury with at least a few reasonable people on it who will see just how inappropriate these charges are.


tommy hasn’t been charged with anything, this is just part of a nearly decade-long smear campaign. If you can’t legally silence your enemies (limited free speech in the UK legal sense) then you discredit them by association and lies.


Leftists all follow the same tactics wherever they are. If you are a big enough obstacle to their plans then you will be tarred and feathered. If you are a danger to them. You get the Seth Rich treatment. Mr. Robinson should keep his head on a swivel.


Osborne’s motive most likely wasn’t terrorism but retaliation and revenge.


I’m sure the UK has slander and libel laws. This guy should sue the UK government for a nosebleed amount of money. The same for the media cucks they’re dragging his name through the mud.


The law is vague enough that it wouldn’t make it. The misreporting of reality is not a crime provided you can use the plausible deniability angle- which happens a lot.


But the reporting of reality and fact is? Are Brits that asleep at the wheel that they cant see how backwards that is?


Many Brits believe Tommy Robinson is a literal fascist. It’s quite insane.


So here we have a guy calling bullshit on the invasion of his country by radical Islamists. He calls out Paki rape gangs and the police who support them. He shows people just how wrong all of this is and he’s…the bad guy. I think sometimes that the movie the Matrix was just a dramatic recreation of actual events.


Yeah, England is in a bad way with this sort of thing. I walk through it here:

Interesting. Despite being forced into retraction, MSM still pushing agenda that #FinsburyPark attacker was in some way the fault of @TRobinsonNewEra. This is how political narratives are made common knowledge. Resist. https://t.co/YzweSLx09z pic.twitter.com/o96gRyzXlX

— Ash Sharp 🇬🇧 🇵🇱 (@6crip) January 24, 2018


Articles with wild claims are left up, with the same headline and a small footnote- or, more likely, another article that softens the rhetoric will go up a day later. The traffic will be far lower, but all clicks count. It's all about ad revenue, not representing reality.

— Ash Sharp 🇬🇧 🇵🇱 (@6crip) January 24, 2018

Here's the @Independent headline, still up on their live blog. pic.twitter.com/6c0z5uOUEM

— Ash Sharp 🇬🇧 🇵🇱 (@6crip) January 24, 2018

The "key points" remain unclarified. The most important thing @lizziedearden wants you to know after the name of the accused is that @TRobinsonNewEra is involved. pic.twitter.com/Cew8UcPh63

— Ash Sharp 🇬🇧 🇵🇱 (@6crip) January 24, 2018

Next comes the body of the article before the live blog, in which we are told that Robinson is a 'far right leader'. What group he leads is not important to mention, apparently- mostly because Robinson doesn't lead any group, 'far right' or not. pic.twitter.com/raXkTCEZFO

— Ash Sharp 🇬🇧 🇵🇱 (@6crip) January 24, 2018

From the live blog: The court is informed that Robinson messaged Osborne personally. This is not true. If you have ever received an email from a mailing list you subscribed to, you might see your own name at the top. This is the case here. pic.twitter.com/DPenGvUPHB

— Ash Sharp 🇬🇧 🇵🇱 (@6crip) January 24, 2018

Again, the court is led to believe that Robinson is writing emails personally to Osborne. pic.twitter.com/MAnADBu2iz

— Ash Sharp 🇬🇧 🇵🇱 (@6crip) January 24, 2018

Again @lizziedearden summarises the case. The false claim that Robinson was telling the accused to commit terrorism is more important that the name of the victim or the details of the crime. Priorities, people. Where do Dearden's lie? pic.twitter.com/CbrEVzDVyC

— Ash Sharp 🇬🇧 🇵🇱 (@6crip) January 24, 2018

And finally, we get the sole mention that in fact, the whole palaver was a steaming crock of #FakeNews. Through desperation for relevancy, clicks and ad revenue the failing MSM will say anything to *keep your attention*. Your attention is what they depend on. Use it well. pic.twitter.com/gRHvISyLy4

— Ash Sharp 🇬🇧 🇵🇱 (@6crip) January 24, 2018