Fallen victim of illegals in Calif. sues cops


SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The family of a man killed by a gun stolen from a San Francisco police officer has filed a legal claim with the city.

Abel Esquivel was killed during an August robbery in the city. Three men have been arrested and charged with murder. One of the suspects is an 18-year-old facing deportation and who was wearing a monitoring device so federal immigration authorities could track him.

Esquivel’s family filed the wrongful death claim Wednesday. The claim is precursor to a lawsuit.

The gun was reported stolen from the officer’s private car. The claim alleges that the police department failed to properly train the officer on proper gun storage.

Two separate lawsuits are pending in Northern California alleging that guns stolen from law enforcement officials were used in homicides.


Original incident


When criminal courts refuse to help , hopefully civil courts will ! Liberal judges have a love fest with illegals and it is time for the AG to start stepping in and charging ALL involved in assisting or aiding illegal from deportation .


Is it coincidence that “Sanctuary Cities” are a magnet for Violent Crimes committed by Illegal Scumbags . These Liberal mayors have no right to order police not to cooperate with ICE when there’s a Detainer on these Scum.


And Jeff Session has the power to stop all that BS and it’s time for him to get off his a$$ and do his JOB !!:roll_eyes:


Monte ,At least there are somethings we Agree on .