Far-left teacher goes off on student, claims to know more than the dictionary


"I am smarter than a dictionary."
American teachers

Are we saved because kids like this exist? Or screwed because teachers like this exist?


Close to being saved. The new generation coming up is red-pilled AF. They need to keep it up. This kid took this moron libtard teacher down point-by-point.


Now imagine if we actually paid teachers well and made the profession of education highly competitive to get into. This is what happens when we let lazy bottom feeders into the classroom.


What’s crazy is the kid is a minority but that doesn’t stop the teacher from calling him a white supremacist. Oh and FBI data is white supremacist data too.


She is pretty sharp for a child her age, its like a kid-pewdiepie.


She should be terminated for making teachers look stoooopiddd.


How much is paying teachers well??


I don’t have a number specifically.

I had an ex-girlfriend who became a teacher in GA and her starting pay annually was barely above what she would make working at Walmart.

In Japan becoming a teacher is a really competitive process, not just because of the high salary but because Japanese society respects teachers. If we killed teacher unions and made teaching competitive, then students would get a better quality of education.


We have performances based salaries.

Beginning: 48K
Mid Range: 62K
High end: 82K

The give a bonus for advanced degrees and performance.

As a side note the district no longer collects union dues and most teachers opt of of the union.

Not bad for a job with 3 months vacation.