FARMLANDS | White Genocide in South Africa


FARMLANDS - the new documentary out this week details a systematic killing of whites in South Africa.

The south African government wants to start taking away land from white farmers, and they want to do it without any compensation at all. When the farmers protested, they got threatened with genocide if they do it again.

Lauren is a roastie but I’ll give her credit for putting this out.


I do plan on watching this. The savage level of violence is awful and it’s enraging that its being ignored and covered up by MSM and the South African government.


Does anybody have stats on the compensation that Africans received when England first arrived on their soil???


How outraged are you over the level of violence going on in Yemen, where the US is engaged in an illegal war with an air campaign and ground troops but no declaration from congress, no UNSCR to authorize our use of force. 10,000 dead Yemeni’s due to war and another 50,000 dead from the resulting famine and disease. One of the problems with South Africa is that the white people showed up there to exploit the natives and their resources.


Damn dude. This thread has NOTHING to do with Yemen or US foreign policy.

White people are being straight up slaughtered and you have to derail the thread.

You also just PROVED that you know absolutely no nothing about the history of South Africa. The whites did move there. That’s true. But, the blacks came later from Central Africa…killing the native African population.


I talked about South Africa didn’t I?? That was where I made the point that England showed up to exploit the blacks that were living there. Did you miss all that. And where Yemen comes in is to demonstrate that genocide isn’t what bothers righty, it’s only white genocide. And even then, the term isn’t even appropriate for what’s happening in SA.


And how about you, do you have the stats on how Africans we’re compensated when the whites showed up and took their land? Sense your the African history scholar.




The land that white farmers took away from South Africans. Yeah, real funny isn’t it…


Well yes- you made a ridiculous comparison of people who ran around in loin skins or nothing and lived in huts, were owed compensation from White settlers who cultivated the land, and produced a nation. Blacks exploited Blacks allover Africa at that time- don’t hear you calling for tem to all run around compensating each other…

It’s an inter - tribal conflict that drew in the Saudis and Iranians. All we can do is pick allies; I guess there just weren’t gender confused trannies in the Saudi populace to make them a satisfactory ally to liberals.

Not quite yet, but it’s coming. By the way what term would you prefer for the Back majority stealing the farms Whites have toiled to generate the food all of SA eats?

This will be bad on many levels. Genocide will be very real (oh wait, it’s Whites so it can’t be genocide…). Like Zimbabwe, the Nubian geniuses who drive all this will also rail about White people when the crops inevitably fail, and the whole country is turned into an absolute crime ridden shithole like Johannesburg.

I just hope those farmers pour salt water on the land and burn their farmhouses and equipment when the mobs start. Leave nothing to the thieves.


Maybe my meme delivery wasn’t clear enough. It was a reaction to your ridiculous and completely unrelated comparison with bonus thread derailment.

Do you know the history of the Boers? No land was stolen because the land was not inhabitated. A Dutch shipwreck in the mid-1600s resulted in a Dutch colony being established at Table Bay which later expanded into Cape Town.


That’s because that’s not the subject of the op. The subject of the op is first of all a hyperbolic claim of white genocide, but more importantly that poor white people are having their land taken from them without compensation. Seems to me that the white British owe a damn hell of a lot to a whole lot of people of color for centuries of genocide and exploitation. So…pardon me if I’m not terribly troubled over compensation here shrug.

Btw, your racist diminishing of human life in prehistoric history noted.


The thread sir is not derailed. Maybe you should be talking about the op instead of derailing the thread attempting to scold me, hmm?


South Africa has been inhabited for 100,000 years. It’s hilarious that you think the Boers the first. :roll_eyes:

If you think that the land didn’t belong to natives before whites settled, then you need a history lesson.


It a humanitarian crisis is what it is, with 130 children dying every single day of starvation. Our ally has blocked food deliveries. But they’re Muslims, and people of color, so no concerns.


The land is what they want BACK. So I don’t think what they do on their way out the door matters much.


The apologist appears with excuses.


You don’t know what you’re talking about. The clear result of a public school education. And what anyone’s grandparents did is a logical fallacy and a ridiculous moral equivalency. Record numbers of farmers are already being raped, tortured and murdered, and their land stolen by marauders. That’s a fact. The Brits developed the land so that these people are no longer starving and have been reproducing at record rates. That’s a fact. South Africa contains the highest numbers of HIV infections, relative to points one and two, and their inability to control their impulses and behave more respectfully toward women and children (for the feminists here). That’s a fact. If the genocide of white South African farmers, who developed that land to the benefit of everyone, is allowed to proceed, the next generation of black South Africans will be reduced to mass starvation. That’s a fact. And they should not be relying on the British or the Americans to rescue their sorry barbaric asses this time. Take that any way you want. If you think this is OK, then don’t bother us with pulling of our heart strings with pictures of the swollen bellies of starving people who are victims of their own savagery.


Naturally they are white , what did you expect ? Liberal diversity in full swing ! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Obviously I do not like that, and other African nations need to get down there and involve themselves and put an abrupt end to that, which could be accomplished completely diplomatically. And if the SAG could be compelled to merely evicting them with the same compensations that the natives received when it was happening to them, I’d be on board.