FARMLANDS | White Genocide in South Africa


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So you are on board with SOME violence against innocent people, just so long as other nations “diplomatically” end extreme violence… and in what fairytale world does this end well? Do you actually own or run anything?


No, nothing about what I said condones violence. And yes I own stuff and run stuff…


Black racists are raping and slaughtering white South Africans and you want to wait for other black nations to come in and defend the whites? Do you know how stupid that sounds? These other black nations can’t even manage to feed themselves let alone govern themselves. They aren’t going to be helping anyone unless they can find a way to take advantage of the situation. Just admit it. You hate white people everywhere. Also admit that this world would be a giant shithole without white people. Blacks and browns have proven time and time again that they can’t do anything on their own. It’s a shame whites weren’t as aggressive as the blacks and browns of the world. If we had been we might have achieved world peace by wiping out all blacks and browns on the planet. Useless people who always expect a hand out and who have built nothing.


Yeah, and I have a BIG problem with that and addressed it…


Maybe you should ask the Dutch for that.


Everything you said condones violence. How else do you think this land will be stolen from the farmers? And according to your logic, you do not own anything, and whatever you run can and should be stolen from YOU, since somewhere back in time, some of your ancestors may have conquered the land which belonged to someone else, or appropriated it after the fact. So someone else has a claim on whatever you earned.


This is exactly the problem when people begin using a misunderstanding of history to make claims to things that do not belong to them and have not belonged to them for centuries.


Agreed, I just thought someone here might know the answer.


Wrong, people here in America are regularly evicted without any violence. The only time there’s violence is when they refuse the order, and when law enforcement pays a visit, they fight with them.


Some specifics might help, but if you’re referring to real property, that doesn’t look likely with the native Americans, but it does seem possible with Mexicans, who in a fashion are doing that already. And I do hold title to a piece of property that falls within the territory of the land ceded to the United States in the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. So I could eventually be personally affected as well.


“Evicted without violence” …and then you go on to prove my point. The credible threat of violence is violent. It’s a use of force.


Yes, Americans are evicted regularly and they collect up their personal belongings and leave.


LOL- By the way, 'Lucy" likely dragged her knuckles- oh, that must make me a racist!


Where is the global media and UN on this? Speaks volumes on the politicization of the “news”. And yet the media tries to resist the “fake news” label being applied to them? Errors of omission are just as evil as those of commission.


Speaking of hate. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: