FARMLANDS | White Genocide in South Africa


South Africa was once the shinning star of the continent; but since black rule, it has been returning to the Stone Age at the speed of light.


Mike Smith: Opening Pandora’s Apartheid-Box | Censorbugbear …


If this doesn’t open, take the time to look it up. Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box - MILINT Earth Day South African President Zuma sings "Kill the Boer…


The Killing Of Whites In South Africa…And America’s Silence - Rense


Just got around to watching this, and I can see that black racism is hell of a lot deadlier than white racism. Meanwhile in the US


When you want to penalize people for “the sins of their fathers” you open up a never ending chain of retribution. In the twenty-first century, at least in the Free World, things are not settled like this. Then you see a documentary like this and say HOLY CRAP!

I’ll bet this movie will also serve to illustrate what would have happened if Hillary was elected and had two S.C. Justices to appoint. First they would have dropped our borders, second they would have taken everything but our paintball guns. Once another branch of government called “Black Lives Matter” had their way there certainly would be a land grab…or at least an attempted one.


It’s Trump’s fault…of course! could I be so Naive? :roll_eyes:


Where have you been for the last 2 years??? Of course it’s a well know fact that everything is Trump’s fault from the burned dinner to sunspots.


I know , I know I’m a little behind the times…also Trump’s fault.


That he’s silent??? Well of course.