Father-daughter dance too much for PC police


The Department of Education adopted a policy last year that demanded schools throughout liberal crazy New York scrap ALL “gender-based” activities , one such gender-based activity is the long tradition of father-daughter dances held by many schools. What a magical moment for these young girls to dance with their loving dads . Too bad the PC police love to rid Americans of ALL their traditions !!
As a result, an elementary school in the New York City borough of Staten Island has SHAMFULLY called off a father-daughter dance that had been scheduled for Friday.


How is this Gender-based when the schools bend over backwards to accommodate LBGT students.What is wrong with a dance that creates a bond and good memories between parent and child .I guess there isn’t a mother son dance either. I hope the parents organize a dance off school property and thumb their nose at the DOE.


They prefer daddy and sonny boy dances ! :roll_eyes:


And probably mommy and mommies girl dances also.


Can you picture daddy in his pink outfit dancing with his 17 year old fruity son being told they can NOT attend a school dance ? :exploding_head:


The son will wear the dress and have makeup on.The dance could be on TLC.Both mother and daughter wear pantsuits.




I’d like to know when tax paying parents get a say in how schools determine their activities. Schools all over the country have gotten out of control. These teachers and administrators answer to the parents within their community, they don’t get to dictate.


A lesson they have N OT learned yet !


I know alot of parents have difficult work schedules, but they need to attend School Board Meetings and call them out, remind them of the power of theBallot Box. I know this sounds Naive .


Civil servants view the rest of us as uninformed peasants. I honestly think they believe that they are part of the ruling class and most instruct us on what’s best for society and for our own children. What I wouldn’t give to have the chance to do the exact same thing to them and their family.


In school board meetings they rarely listen and refer to some policy they made up ! :sob:


And take a look at the absurd PC BS being taught to our children of late . :rage:


The Intelligent Voters will remember at voting time.


Yes they do , but how many are intelligent voters ?