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Sept. 27, 2015
Lunar eclipse

The beginning



Half way


Final phase


Those are really great photos. At full resolution you can make out all of the stars in the background.


Here’s a few man made stars.

Balloon fest


Winter on Lake Michigan

Ice mountains on the beach


I’ve been on vacation for the past week. Hopefully I’ll get some great pictures of the eclipse. I’m close to the center of the path. Lots of cloud cover unfortunately.


I’m at my sister’s in Charleston. It’s cloudy here too. We are heading to Foley Beach in about 30 minutes.


Out side of going to the beach… which is cool, why are you going there to view the eclipse? Better angle???:smile:


Is there ever a bad time to go to the beach? You’ve been in England to long!!! Not exactly known for you warm inviting beaches :sunglasses:


Sarah, you do not know what a true ivory skinned blond looks like until you go to a UK beach on a rare warm sunny day :rofl:

This poor girl was probably toast after 15 minutes…


My wife and I did those 23AndMe and Ancestry DNA tests. She’s 80 percent British/Irish. Tanning isn’t an option.


One of my favorite photos.



What went wrong?




When statues fight back!






I hate when that happens!:scream: