FBI 7th Floor Is Getting Rather Thin.... Bill Priestap Next?


Whats that saying… A picture speaks a thousand words…

But then again, perhaps Wray is just the cleanup man to ensure some things stay in the closet… The second worse decision Trump made was to install a Bushite as head of the FBI… and more and more it looks like Jeff Sessions was a house dealer from the beginning…


They have lost all trust and integrity !!! They should be known as the Federal Bureau of infestation . :rage:


Sessions needs to fired and replaced by someone who’ll get off their Ass , make the tough decisions and do the job.
He’s been quieter than HRC on the memo and everything connected to it.


He’s recused from that issue, he needs to be quiet about it.


Why? And how could he be a plant by the phantom “deep state” when he is the TIC’s pick?


Sure why would we want transparency and justice ? :roll_eyes:
It’s the democratic way to keep quite when they are involved in all their dirty tricks .:roll_eyes:


Well, no… perhaps because he doesn’t seem to be pursuing cases of interest to the people of this country. We see far to much incestuous activity amongst the Clinton’s, the DNC, foreign spies, Russian agents, the DOJ and the FBI… perhaps after recusing himself and his time from the Russia/trump thing… he might could find the time to pursue some of these other matters and if he isn’t interested, Trump should find someone who is…


Cause he recused himself, wouldn’t fire Mueller and keep the TIC out of trouble?? :wink:


No!!! Right now he’s the Poster Child for Inertia. Isn’t he in charge of the D O J ??? We’d have as much done with a blow up doll behind his desk. Let’s have an AG that will be proactive. Bring in Rudy G or Ted Cruz .


How about someone a bit more moderate, less political and less biased.


Both of them know how to put politics aside and get the job done.Neither would worry about bruising a few egos or stepping on some toes.


That is precisely what progressives say… they of course play for the long term. They say ‘give us 100’ and their ‘more moderate’ republican friends say ’ Well, we can’t do that but we will compromise on 50’ and the democrats grumble and grown and say… fine !’. Next year is rinse and repeat and so is the year after. It might take democrats a bit longer to swindle Americans, but through the mime of ‘centrist’ they push republicans farther and farther left. We now have entitlements (non discretionary largess) that consume 2/3rd of the budget and the only unfunded liability in the budget totaling 120 Trillion at my last look.

The left have hollered moderate for so long that the right is looking like a bunch of FDRites…


Lol, I suppose you’d think America’s most liberal Mayer or congressperson would make a good AG too, and be good at putting politics aside.


Oh yeah, Someone like Gil Garcetti , Gov Cuomo or any of the UnDemocratic Black Caucus. They would be Real Objective.


So you get the point about picking anyone from either fringe.