FBI Director Confirmation Hearing Underway for Christopher Wray


Here’s a brief synopsis of what will be asked throughout the duration of the confirmation hearing:

  1. Russia
  2. Russia
  3. Loyalty Oath
  4. Russia
  5. Russia
  6. Comey, McCabe, Mueller
  7. Russia
  8. Russia
  9. Will you impeach Trump personally?
  10. Well, why not?
  11. Russia

Yes, I can predict the future.


Here is the live feed:


That fact that Senator Al Franken is on this committee along with Feinstein should immediately invalidate the relevance of this entire process.


As long as it distracts from the 28,882 HRC emails, no one really cares what the topic is.

“Russia” serves the purpose in so many different ways!

The louder they get, the more they distract.


Franken is asking if the Clinton’s were trying to build a hotel in Ukraine. What the hell is this guy even doing in this capacity? He’s trying to deflect the politico story about the Clinton campaign colluding with the foreign officials. Franken also is asked if Wray thinks Comey is a nutjob. Really?


Regardless the democrats will back burner this as thy do all confirmations.


I don’t know… Slate gives him a thumbs up with an article titled ‘Christopher Wray Won’t Be Trumps Stooge’ and Huffpo says: ‘Trump’s FBI Pick Said All The Right Things. The Question Is Whether Trump Will Let Him Be.’

If for any other reason than to gum up the works, I can’t see them objecting to his confirmation…


It’s called obstruction to damage the administration as much as possible.


I watched a recap of the hearing this morning and Wray appeared to handle himself like a total professional. He never took the bait on any overly political questions and made it clear that if asked to do anything out of the ordinary he would consult with the Deputy Attorney General (his boss) and the appropriate ethics officials as needed and make decisions based upon their guidance and feedback on the next steps. All solid answers and I think that’s why all of the headlines this morning were so good. He didn’t allow himself to get played.


He seems like a professional. When Trump fired Comey, I am sure that his comments about the Russia investigation was about Comey not coming forward and publicly stating that he was not under investigation as he had done with Hillary… That would have been showing loyalty and heaven forbid should Comey have had to come back to congress at a later date and say that status had changed… especially in a non election year… :roll_eyes:

I thing Wray will do ok… most certainly has to do a better job than Comey… Now… what to do about this hatchet man Mueller…


Christopher Wray was confirmed today as the FBI Director

Let’s see where this goes. The Media is already saying Wray is going to somehow “overrule” the Presidents Directives and put Trump “in his place”.

The FBI Director works at the pleasure of the President, don’t get it twisted!


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