FBI has "secret-society" and planned treasonous acts


So tell me, if Nunes and others in congress have evidence that crimes were committed, why don’t they take it to Sessions who’s on their side. He has the necessary clearances???


As I said before order will be restored in short fashion and the entire rotten conspiracy will be revealed ! Top FBI agents will end up fired and in prison . It’s just a matter of time …TICK TOCK , TICK TOCK …


Subjective as that is, what does it have to do with Bush’s “lost” 22 million emails, and did it bother you then that he lost 22 million as much as it bothered you that 33 thousand of Clintons went missing??? And again if Nunes and his congressional buddies have evidence of a crime, why aren’t they taking it to the top cop??? :joy::joy::joy::joy:


It’s difficult these days to determine which ones are member of that secret society and those that are not , but never fear the day of reckoning is around the corner …TICK TOCK , TICK TOCK …:wink:


Do you think that sessions is one of them. Do you think sessions is part of the alt rights “deep state” mythology? Would that be why Nunes won’t take his alleged “fbi crimes” to him. If so, imagine what “deep state sessions” did to the TIC during his 4 hours of interrogation by Mueller last week. :blush:


Of course in some respects we are talking Apples and Oranges… Even in the the left stream media their was little coverage… Why? because the emails were never relevant to anything. No one ever suggested that the accounts were used for official business and their was never an accusation that using those private accounts for political purposes came anywhere close to classified information…


The ironic part of all this is that the misbehavior of Strzok and his colleague, or as Strzok’s wife calls her, ‘that home wrecking whore’ Page, create a cloud around the Mueller probe that may well undo what was likely a legitimate investigation. The White House can claim that there was intent at the highest levels of the FBI and DOJ to sink Trump, even through fraud upon the court.

If I were Mueller, I would be livid, and just as eager to have Strzok, Page and McCabe roasting on spits, as Trump and his ilk.

I do not agree with Dem. leaders that this is all a’diversion’; I believe this is extremely serious.

At the end of the day, if Trump committed ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ he should be impeached; if those at the FBI showed functional bias, they should be terminated; if they willfully obstructed even their own investigations, they should be charged.


That FACT is painfully obvious with the illegal FISA warrants and illegal wire taps , spying and the rest of BS used ! :rage:


Mueller, you can be sure, has scrubbed Strzok from the investigation. He won’t be part of any final prosecutorial presentation.


And all the "work product " BS ??? :roll_eyes:


Even if he did, it would likely be a Clintonesque impeachment.


Today we found out that:

  1. Robert Mueller last week questioned Jefferson Beauregard Sessions. After first having had a refresher with James Comey.

  2. Mueller is ready to question Trump about issues related to obstruction. All the other investigative angles are being held in reserve— this is not a one-dimensional investigation.

  3. Dana Boente has been hired as General Counsel to the FBI.

  4. Rick Gates may be flipping, ready to tell all he knows about his long time colleague Paul Manafort, and his work on the Trump campaign and transition.


You can uncross your finger on YOUR impeachment hopes , did you not see the “no big there there.” by your guys ??? quack ,quack , … shrug :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


Great… The acting head of the Justice Department’s national security division (under fired Sally Yates) is now the general council for the FBI… and they say backwoods Kentucky is incestuous…


Oh this White House will be claiming a lot of things I’m sure.


And if non-partisan Stevie John would bother to keep up on the REAL NEWS and stop watching the Clinton News Network 24/7 he may learn a thing or two . :wink: shrug- shrug .


Even scrubbed (what like with a cloth?) from the final presentation, a judge (not one appointed by Obama) could well rule that there are too many unanswered ambiguities to present the evidence gathered to a jury.


Mueller is better than that. I understand the reticence in acknowledging what both republicans and democrats have previously stated about Muellers experience and abilities. I just doubt that Mueller recommends prosecution of un prosecutable material. He’ll know to back away.


:laughing::laughing::laughing: Oh where have I heard that line before ? :wink::laughing::laughing::laughing:


They don’t come anyone smarter than one who picks a who’s- who’s of corruption and open bias . Yep , real smart !!!:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: I guess Mueller better wrap up this quickly before the rest of his 'team 'gets locked up ! :laughing::laughing::laughing: