FBI has "secret-society" and planned treasonous acts


Looks like the whole “deep state”, secret society” tin foil hat mythology is collapsing as Trump appointees at the DOJ are telling the hyperventilating republicans to cool their jets, lol.


Senator Ron Johnson was just a big patsy, no “secret society” just more republican smoke and mirrors to deflect from the real story, that Muellers closing in on the TIC.


TICK -TOCK … We will see ! :wink: Did you also attend their first meeting ??? :laughing::laughing::laughing:


And now we learn that the TIC ordered the firing of Mueller last June and only backed down from it when the White House council threatened to quit. He’s so toast.


Why is he ‘So Toast’… He sees a bogus investigation with a stacked deck… and he does have the legal right to fire Mueller. Just because he bowed to other voices doesn’t make him ‘Toast’. I wonder. If Mueller continued down the path of ‘getting trump’, how you would feel seeing him impeached but because of the focus and hate, justified or not, towards trump, all of the alleged sins of the Obama administration disappear… all of the alleged wrong doing within the DOJ and FBI dissolve into disinterest, just how you would feel?.. elated no doubt… you got your man!


The FBI and CIA, over the course of 8 years of Neocon Bush and 8 years of Communist Obongo, have become staffed with inept Deep State shitlibs. Hell, Obongo appointed John O. Brennan as the head of the CIA. This asshole converted to Wahhabi Islam while CIA station chief in Saudi Arabia and went on to attend the Haj (something non-Muslims are strictly forbidden from doing). He also voted for Communist Party USA candidate Gus Hall for president in 1976.

It was bad enough we elected a black communist Muslim for president, but to install a communist Muslim as the head of the CIA is beyond stupid. No wonder Putin laughs at us.

Keep in mind none of this shit would have ever been uncovered if Hillary had been elected.

Washington bureaucracies need a battery acid enema.


So now if you even THINK about firing Mueller because of ALL the conflicts of interest , it becomes a crime ? :roll_eyes: shrug


Mueller’s working on this, and we’ll see the results soon enough. Mueller has been praised by lawmakers on both sides of the isle. He will present his findings when he’s done. If he has uncovered any crimes he’ll present them along with recommendations to the DOJ. If there’s nothing, he’ll disclose that. There should be no concerns.


At @Montecresto1 you never miss an opportunity to twist what someone is saying.


Lets not dwell too much on the comment of the past . Most are just beginning to see how bias the entire team is and has been . Mueller should have recused himself from this so-called investigation because of all his conflicts .



You keep repeating this very old observation as if 1) in would never change with new facts and 2) if you keep saying it enough times, to enough people, it will some how be a fact that every one can and should believe…


It has been hard to keep up with all of Stevie John’s flip-flopping too much morning Joe of late !:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


Do you have specifics??


Pledging to give him enough rope to hang himself is not nearly the same as having confidence… Besides… as usual… that was last October… MUCH new information since then, wouldn’t you say? Hum?


Get it out there. I love it when the racists let down their thin veil.

Former chairman of the Republican National Committee, and MSNBC contributor, Michael Steele confirmed that he thinks President Trump is a racist. “No, Donald Trump doesn’t talk to me anymore,” he said. “Because I wasn’t sycophantic.”


:laughing::laughing: “But as Americans are learning, past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Mr. Mueller, so well known as an honorable man, is now being condemned by some as being, if not thoroughly partisan, at least negligent in giving the appearance of impartiality. His critics have a legitimate gripe."
Mueller’s many conflicts of interest which begged for him to recuse himself but he did NOT !
The Ohrs, Fusion GPS and unexplained meetings.
‘Insurance policy’ “secret society “
Peter Strzok and Page texts .
Exclusive Hillary donors and supporters . :roll_eyes: shrug


Would it have been considerably different if she had said:

“It was bad enough we elected a white communist Muslim for president, but to install a communist Muslim as the head of the CIA is beyond stupid.”

Context @Montecresto1 , context… quit twisting peoples words … particularly that their is a very racist group operating within the borders of the US that identify themselves as ‘Black Muslims’…




Why would you say that?? I think there would still be a Mueller investigation. And as a lifelong republican, if Mueller is a partisan as some have accused, I suppose Trump will be exonerated.


Trump is clearly terrified of what Mueller could uncover with his financial ties to Russian oligarchs and collusion.