FBI has "secret-society" and planned treasonous acts



Of course republicans are running around with their hair on fire that Trump setting down with Mueller is a perjury trap…only if Trump intends to lie about something. But Mueller can simply ask Trump, did you seek to fire me, if Trump says no, he’s perjured himself, if he says yes, he’s obstructed Justice. :wink:


Wasn’t Russian collusion the point of wasting millions ? Are we looking for anything now ? :roll_eyes: shrug


Why would you say that, he asks…??? too funny. Who would have named a special council anyway? If trump had lost, do you honestly think a special council would have been commissioned to investigate collusion? We have already seen months of stonewalling by just about everyone who have been requested to turn over information to various house and senate committees… they would have been no more affective than Goudy’s Benghazi investigations… he was stonewalled by the White House on many occasions and never received documents he requested…

Who would have asked for a special investigation and more importantly who in a Clinton DOJ would have appointed one?

As far a Mueller being a life long republican… #nevertrumpers are life long republicans…


Firing someone who would not recuse himself from quantifiable conflicts of interest is not obstruction, regardless the ‘optics’ it would be called, doing his job. What a silly comment…


It’s what Johnny does best and often ! :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


I can understand why you’d hope so. But Trump’s in a vice. And he doesn’t do well under pressure. He cannot fire Mueller, because there are rules for this that his own council understands, and we now know has told the president that he would no longer represent him if he were to violate those rules.


Why don’t you say something factual. If you are going to say that their is a rule… show it, I dare you. His council said that he would no longer stay because of the political damage it would do to his administration, not that he would violate in damned rule… Do you read this shit somewhere and repeat it without vetting or do you just make it up to try and sound relevant?




How can FBI be trusted to investigate ‘secret society’?


Lawmakers are concluding that there most definitely was an institutional bias among some at the FBI against candidate and then President Trump. :exploding_head:


Of course their are people within every powerful institution who have had knives out for the President. With little more than a audio tape of him talking about grabbing pussy and his refusal to publish his tax returns for which their is no legal obligation for him to do so, every corner of this country from industry, to political hacks to the media to subversive organizations exploded all at the same time… can’t tell me people in high places aren’t pulling strings.


The memo’s will prove the FBI and the Obama cartel wanted to make sure in the event Trump won they could undo the election ! When the smoke clears we will see many FBI agents fired and charges bought against some well known people ! :wink:


And Mueller kicked him off his team for that. And Rosenstein hires Mueller following the quidelines for hiring special prosecutors. I know the right is jittery that Muellers going to uncover Trump crimes. Like Bannon said in the Michael Wolfe book, it’s the money laundering. Something that Trump got caught up in playing with Russian oligarchs, the consequences of screwing over American lending institutions who would no longer extend credit to him. :wink: My opinion.


Looks like times up for members of the secret society McCabe taking cover ahead of memo being released . How many more will fall ? TICK-TOCK …


I’d gladly take a judge appointed by Bush. As long as the judge has a good reputation, personal politics and bias isn’t brought to the bench.


Looks like Andy just took the stage exit and will sideline himself (distance himself) until he to can escape with a full retirement…


McCabe is being named a leaker , more secret society treachery to come ! #releasethememo


Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe asked to speak privately with White House chief of staff Reince Priebus following a February 2017 intelligence briefing… McCabe said he asked for the meeting to tell Priebus that “everything” in a New York Times story authored by Michael S. Schmidt, Mark Mazzetti, and Matt Apuzzo was “bullsh-t.”

McCabe claimed to want Priebus to know the FBI’s perspective that this story was not true. Priebus pointed to the televisions that were going non-stop on the story. He asked if the FBI could say publicly what he had just told him. McCabe said he’d have to check, Shortly after the meeting, CNN ran this article FBI refused White House request to knock down recent Trump-Russia stories. Again, this is just more #Resistance nonsense. What McCabe did was a cheap dirty trick


One down many more to go , the cockroaches will scatter !! TICK-TOCK …