FBI investigating NRA/Russian banker


After more than a year of spying on Donald Trump, his campaign, his administration, his Transition team, the FBI has found NO EVIDENCE of Russia collusion. The FBI witch hunt has now shifted to whether Russia gave the NRA money to support Trump :ok_hand: Mueller is going to get sued into the poor house if he pokes the NRA. This is all just a distraction from releasing the memo.


And even when it’s only convenient.


I’m not a lawyer, but this will be an amazing show of legal maneuvering.

IF the NRA tok money from the Russkies, and
IF they used that money for the Trump campaign…


Did that constitute money laundering?
Was the Trump campaign aware of this?


Was the FISA warrant that started the surveillance that started the investigation LEGALLY OBTAINED?
The investigation and all products thereof could be tossed if it is proven that the original FISA warrant was obtained through fraud upon the court.

There may, if the ‘memo’ is what s purported- firings, arrests, and even trials of those who laid the ground work for Mueller’s efforts.

It will be interesting indeed.


Not true. That’s in Mueller’s hands and remains to be seen. Let’s see if the TIC’s DOJ can pull off a successful prosecution of HRC too!


All of this is for Mueller to hash out. If there’s a crime in there, as declared by Republican and Democrat alike, Mueller’s the guy that will open it up, and if not, he’ll toss it aside. But yeah, he’s going to look at whatever comes his way.


Why didnt Mueller investigate his ties to Russians as well?


If Mueller is aware that the basis for the FISA warrant was illegally obtained and he didn’t mention anything about it then he should be facing some very serious penalties as well. He has an obligation to report wrongdoing especially wrongdoing that would negate his entire investigation.


Republicans, if this memo has concrete evidence against Obama/Clinton corruption, then it is your duty to release it. Quit dicking around, and let the public know what is going on. Do not negotiate with,or back down from, the Democrats. You have everyone’s attention, now grow a pair, and release the memo.

Do not make us look like fools. You will regret it.


I doubt this happened but if it did…it’s not a crime.


The president needs to declassify the documents because no democrat has voted to release the info , they claim because there is far too much classified info contain within . Strange the never cared much when Hillary allow some perv to have thousands of classified email on his laptop next to his weiner pics !!! :astonished:


Well that’s the thing, can you point me to a single instance where we’ve heard from Mueller since he was appointed to this job? We don’t know everything that Mueller knows.


Well, particularly if the Trump campaign knew where the money came from, that is collusion.


It’s a crime for foreign money to be used in US elections.


Well, the US government may not want surveillance gathering methods known to the world, ever think about that. And it’s reasonable to believe that both republicans and democrats would realize that.


Ha… Ha… Ha… through all of the convoluted gyrations created by democrats and the nevertrumpers have you lost sight of what to hell the word ‘collusion’ means?..


Again and again. You don’t know what Mueller knows. If the Trump campaign was getting Russian funding, it is a crime. We’ll see what Mueller has when he shows us.


No one knows what Muller knows . This story is a hack job with no named sources . That makes it hear say at best ! It is funny when you think about it ! The NRA colluded with the Russians who’s next the F.F.A ,

Fraternal Order of Police
National Border Patrol Council,
Conservative Party of New York Stat
American Energy Alliance
National Black Republican Association
National Right to Life Committee
Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund
Traditionalist Youth Network
Veterans for a Strong America
West Virginia Coal Association
Log Cabin Republicans: Cleveland, Colorado, Georgia, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Orange County, and Texas chapters
Independent Party of Delaware


We’ve been through this adnaseum, you and I will know what Mueller knows when he tells us and not before.


Muller is a front man for the establishment ! He will be fired when Rod Rosenstein is fired and jailed .


Oh ok. Who’s doing that, and when. And why do you hate America so much. :joy::joy: