FBI raid Trump’s lawyer’ office and take PRIVILEGED COMMUNICATIONS


Shortly after Special Counsel Robert Mueller was appointed, FBI agents visited a storage locker belonging to Manafort’s company. They were given access by an employee who did not have authorization to grant it, Manafort’s attorneys allege, and returned the following day to take files wielding a warrant secured using information based on that initial access. “The FBI agent had no legitimate basis to reasonably believe that the former employee had common authority to consent to the warrantless initial search of the storage unit,”


An intrusion on an individual’s Fourth Amendment rights.


Keep your guns ready and buy lots of ammo. You’ll be needing it. Also, if you do not have a secure, well stocked shelter somewhere, you might want to get busy. I have a shelter that’s a long way from everything. It has everything I need to survive on my own. I hope I’ll never need it, but I have a feeling I will. History repeats itself. We’re seeing it now. Get ready for it, or you will not survive. You may think I’m paranoid. Well, I’d rather be paranoid than caught with my pants down.

Besides, there are natural and man-made disasters that you should be prepared for anyway. For instance, we are overdue for a massive solar flare that will destroy all electronic devices. Don’t laugh. It’s happened in the past, but the only thing we had then were telegraphs. They shorted out all over the world.

Imagine how it would be if the same thing happened today. Cars and other forms of transportation would fail. That means no emergency services. No police. No hospitals. No water sewage or electricity of any kind. No trains or semi’s delivering food and medicine. Experts estimate 90 percent casualties from starvation, disease and unchecked crime. People across the country would be broiling or freezing because of no heat or air conditioning. Someone tried to tell me we would simply repair everything. With what? Just getting a bare-bones transportation network up and running again would be a Herculean task. Then they would also have to get all those gas stations up and running again.

Most people have no idea what it will be like. And this isn’t some hypothetical disaster. It WILL happen. It’s only a matter of time.

And I haven’t even touched on the nuclear option. One hydrogen bomb detonated in high orbit will do the same thing. Same deal, except this time we’ll have hostile invaders to deal with, and much of our high-tech military gear completely useless.

I could go on, but you get the idea. Hide your head in the sand and die, or prepare and save yourself and your loved ones. Your choice.


And Americans say nothing.


(((They))) are behind this- look up “Yinon Plan/ Eretz Israel/ Greater Israel Project: BUSTED!


Oh great. Another Jew hating conspiracy nut?


This whole Mueller bullshit has just been one giant taxpayer-funded fishing expedition for Democratic Party opposition research for the 2020 campaign. We can all thank Jeff “Sleepy” Sessions for allowing this “Special Counsel” to even take place since he got cucked like a giant faggot by Al Franken.


I had posted awhile ago about how Heinrich Mueller Himler should have been fired.
This is an obvious 4th Amendment violation cheered on by the Leftist lmedia.They will be probably getting drunk tonight .Was Rod Rosenfrankenstein in the Southern District of NY at one time?? If so, how " convenient " !!! Could you imagine the SCREAMING if they raided HRC or Schmobamas attorneys office . There would be more charges of racism than you could count.
Unfortunately AG Sessions created this monster. Hopefully he’ll resign and we could have a "real " that would make quicker decisions. Both Coney and the Clintons must be getting drunk and laughing their ass off .


“Both Comey and the Clinton’s must be getting drunk and laughing their ass off .”
They won’t be laughing in Hell. Which I can almost guarantee is exactly where they are going to end up. Laugh it up dip shits. You’re not getting away with anything. You just think you are. Fools!


Yer one them preppers urnt yah?..

You Know Your A Prepper When…



This is an outline for ABA Roundtable discussions regarding changes to the Federal Rules relating to the attorney-client privilege and work product doctrine. This paper discusses the new Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 26’s “clawback provision,” the proposed amendments to
Federal Rule of Evidence 502, the challenges of asserting privilege in the context of producing electronically stored information, and techniques to preserve the privilege such as protective orders, privilege logs, and joint defense agreements.
Overview of the Attorney Client Privilege and Work-Product Doctrine
Attorney Client PrivilegeTo invoke the attorney-client privilege, a party must demonstrate that there was: (1) a communication between client and counsel, which (2) was intended to be and was in fact kept confidential, and (3) made for the purpose of obtaining or providing legal advice.
The party asserting the privilege must demonstrate each element of the privilege.
California state courts, however, have shifted the burden of proof. California law presumes that
communications between a client and attorney are made in confidence and that “the opponent
has the claim of privilege has the burden of proving that the communication was not confidential.”
Work-Product Doctrine
The work product doctrine, as codified in Rule 26(b)(3), provides that a party may obtain discovery of documents and other tangible things prepared in anticipation of litigation only upon a showing that the party seeking discovery (1) has substantial need of the materials in the preparation of his case, and (2) the party is unable, without undue hardship, to obtain the substantial equivalent of the materials by other means.

Whereas factual work product can be discovered solely upon a showing of substantial
need and undue hardship, mental process work product (impressions, conclusions, opinions or
legal theories of an attorney) is afforded even greater, nearly absolute, protection.
The work product doctrine is different than the attorney-client privilege. The purpose of the attorney-client privilege is “to encourage clients to make full disclosures to their attorneys.”
The purpose of the work product doctrine "is to establish a zone of privacy for strategic litigation planning and to prevent one party from piggybacking on the adversary’s preparation.
Unlike the attorney-client privilege, which provides absolute protection from disclosure, work product
protection is qualified and may be overcome by need and undue hardship.

New Rule 26(b)(5)(B) provides a procedure for making a claim of privilege for information already produced in discovery. The Rule provides that the party making the claim may notify any party that received the information and the basis for it. The receiving party must promptly return or destroy the requested informa
tion until the claim is resolved. The Rule states:
Claiming Privilege or Protecting Trial-Preparation Materials.(B) Information Produced. If informa
tion produced in discovery is subject to a claim of privilege or of protection
as trial-preparation material, the party making the claim may notify
any party that received the information of the claim and the basis for it. After being notified,
a party must promptly return, sequester, or destroy the specified information and any copies it has; must not use or disclose the information until the claim is resolved; must take reasonable steps to retrieve the information if the party disclosed it before being notified; and may promptly present the information to the court under seal for a determination of the claim. The producing party must preserve the information until the claim is resolved. (Emphasis added.)

The Rule was added in response to complaints that the volume of electronically stored
information has substantially increased the risk of privilege waiver. The commentary for the Rule notes the complaint that the delay and expense associated with privilege review for electronic records is excessive and the difficulty in ensuring that all information to be produced has in fact been reviewed.


I suspect the materials taken will be used as base line for trying too catch Trump in a lie should he agree to an interview.


And a massive DOJ , and FBI diversion look at the involvement between Comey , Mueller , Rosenstein , Omama, and his DOJ, the FBI with the cover up of the email deletions , the FISA warrants , Uranium One , the illegal wire taps , and the dossier . Now they are going to investigate themselves ? :roll_eyes:


You are right , but he will have to met with Mueller there is no need to agree , if Mueller want a meeting it WILL happen .


I note that the President was surrounded by his military people during his rant last evening. What other branch can contain the DOJ/FBI deep state cabal.


At this point Trump should tell Mueller to take a hike.


I would think that had much more to do with the recent event in Syria .


And then feel the wrath of the RINO’s and the entire democratic party and the impeachment proceedings that are sure to follow .


As much as they scream and whine, saying nothing is not impeachable.


But obstruction of justice is …