FBI raid Trump’s lawyer’ office and take PRIVILEGED COMMUNICATIONS


Dershowitz: ‘Deafening Silence of ACLU’ After Raid on Trump Lawyer ‘Really Appalling’


Southern District of New York is one of the most politically oriented law enforcement crime rings on the face of the earth. They might as well be a gang. Trump should name them enemy combatants.


What this means is that America does not have a legal system.

Why: Because for there to be a legal system there must be right to counsel. What Mueller has done is as bad as anything from Tsarist Russia.


In order to get the OK to raid Cohen’s office, prosecutors would have had to get approval from high up — in this case from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein . Are we beginning to see the massive conspiracy surrounding Mueller , Comey , Rosenstein , and the FBI ???


It was approved with information from Mueller per the article.


Mueller made the referral BUT Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein made the call .

The raid was by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, and not directly by Robert Mueller’s special counsel’s office. Mueller’s team referred the case to the U.S. attorney, but the U.S. attorney sought the search warrant and received it only after establishing probable cause.
.” But it has been reported that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein made the call to involve the U.S. attorney, and perhaps Rosenstein made a strategic calculation about Trump, or they agreed together.


Can ANYONE explain what all this has to do with "RUSSIAN COLLUSION " ??? :roll_eyes:


We are witnessing a criminal conspiracy to overthrow the legitimately elected POTUS and the RINO’s are silent !


Our Pope claims there is NO HELL so they are fearless now . :wink::laughing::laughing:

[quote=“The_Ugly_Truth, post:29, topic:7841”]
. You’re not getting away with anything. [/quote]

The rats will scurrying and trying to make sure the light of exposure does not hit them. Thus we have defendant #1 Mueller , defendant #2 Rosenstein ,defendant #3 Comey ,defendant #4 Lynch , defendant #5 Clapper , defendant #6 Brennan , defendant #7 Hillary , defendant #8 Obama , defendants # 9 the entire 7th floor of FBI headquarters !!! :wink::thinking:


If the Florida shooter was a porn star, maybe the FBI or local police would have responded quicker.


FBI agents, I wonder if any of them are actually citizens? They behave like hostile foreign agents.

They shit on the law. They shit on us.


So let me speculate here on a couple of things:

  1. Why a search warrant instead of a subpoena?
    The standard for a search warrant of a lawyer’s office is very high indeed. Not just public perception, public policy but also an awful lot of work by the Feds setting up a taint team to scrub what is found. So that means major crimes of some sort and also evidence that a subpoena wouldn’t work. What could that evidence be? I’m guessing doctored or missing emails that Cohen has already delivered or failed to deliver that don’t match the copies found elsewhere.

  2. Is this related to Trump?
    The fact that it has been referred to as “outside the scope” of the Mueller investigation suggests not. But that could also be something of a smokescreen to try to protect Mueller given that Trump’s own appointee had to sign off on this action by the NY office.

  3. Is this related to Stormy?
    Maybe peripherally, but I just can’t believe she is central.

  4. What could it be related to?
    I predict some sort of money laundering activity. Where did Cohen get the money to buy a whole bunch of Trump building apartments from? Was he acting as a front for someone else, like some Russian oligarch? Maybe even the Stormy payment ultimately came from outside the country. A really rich person doesn’t need to use a home equity loan to come up with $130k. And why was this apparently flagged as a suspicious activity by his bank? A prompt repayment from outside the country might well have gotten flagged though.


Only a fool would fail to prepare for the worst that can happen. When the shit hits the fan, the only one you can depend on is yourself. It helps if you are prepared. That’s just plain common sense.


Clearly you were not educated in the school of rainbows and unicorns…


Great link, BTW. Funny.


Not wise to speculate at this point… a rather high powered play and I can only wonder if this entire thing revolves something as nebulous as loan fraud. I can’t help but thinking that regardless the validity of the reason for the warrant, it serves at this time two very important functions. 1) Not unlike Manafort it gets federal eyes inside the filing cabinets of Trumps lawyer, possibly feeding more information back to Mueller to carry on his well over extended ‘hunt for red october’… 2) provides a much needed diversion away from some of the very people who are taking increasing heat over both the FISA warrants and the Clinton ‘investigation’. I like the way the Atlantic put it about Trump going after a democrat (Clinton) no matter flimsy the charge…

I guess we will see when it all washes out but at least it gives the far left sphere and the MSM something to gaggle on for the next few news cycles…


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The FBI is starting to use banana republic methods , individual rights be damned ! We continue to allow abuses of personal freedoms by an out of control corrupt weaponized agency . If we don’t care now , we never will .


WTF ??? :roll_eyes:

  1. Is there a conflict of interest by the investigators , Mueller , Rosenstein , the FBI ??? Are they guilty of fabricating information ? Did they leak material in a dossier that started an illegal FISA application ? Did the FBI and the DNC pay for said material ? Was the FBI afraid to go after Hillary for emails and classified material on some perverts laptop and intentionally botch the phony investigation . Did the DOJ or the FBI seize ANY of the Hillary material ? Who was involved in the Uranium One investigation ? Why was there a gag order on the FBI witness ?
  2. How does Russian collusion have anything to do with a porn star ? Is there anything outside the scope of Mueller’s Russian probe ? Just how " fair " is this team Mueller assembled ?
  3. Why announce multiple times Trump is NOT under investigation SEVERAL times and then raid his attorney’s office ,and home ? Does the POTUS have rights ?
  4. Is this the very same FBI that is in charge of going over ALL the collected papers from Michael Cohen office and allowed to filter though it and then determine what is useful and what is not ? What will be the next FBI leaks on the material not used ? Do we have the wolves guarding the chicken coop ? Sounds like chicken for dinner again !!!
    5 . Money laundering ? By who ? Hillary ? :wink: It’s a shame we have a Constitution it tends to get in the way every time ! :roll_eyes::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


The Constitution gives Trump the ability to declare martial law. Perhaps he should do just that. Then he could really drain the swamp. Just a thought. No one could stop him either. Not Congress, not the SCOTUS. No one.