FBI raid Trump’s lawyer’ office and take PRIVILEGED COMMUNICATIONS


What needs to happen ASAP is the firing of Sessions , Rosenstein and appoint those that will fire ALL the FBI agents involved in the Hillary cover up make the FBI turn over all the material requested by Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee NOW !
Secondly Trump needs to STOP listening to the swamp creators about who he should appoint !!


Sessions is nothing more than a deep state collaborator .This investigation is getting way off track .It was supposed to be about. alleged Russian " collusion " during the election. There isn’t and never was any collusion . There are no subpoenas or a grand jury for any of the TRAITORS. HRC is still free talking her BABBLE about the voters and the election .
Now conveniently there are search warrants and the confiscation of PRIVILEGED client lawyer communication papers. How much farther from the original intent of the investigation does it have to go ???


And you are a bit off:
Federal magistrate judges (appointed by local district judges, not by the president) review search warrant applications. A magistrate judge therefore reviewed this application and perceived probable cause that is, probable cause to believe that the subject premises (Cohen’s office) contains specified evidence.

Or this could be just more of the same, over reach by Mueller’s team co-opting others along the way. Like the early morning teaches at Manafort’s, intimidation to the extreme.

Geoffrey Berman, the top federal prosecutor in Manhattan who was appointed on an interim basis by the attorney general in January, was recused from the investigation into President Donald Trump’s personal attorney before any search warrants were issued on his office and hotel room, according to a source with knowledge of the matter.
The source did not know the specific reasons for Berman’s recusal but said the decision to step aside was his and was approved by senior Justice Department officials within Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s office.


This entire Russia, Porn Star thingy is a case study in how the lawyer class handles being out of electoral favor. They can’t tell enough lies to win office so they form boards of inquisition to create billable hours out of thin air.

They’ve milked DC for a year and a half and now they’re onto the Southern District of New York, AKA Manhatten, to continue the plunder.

In the mean time the remaining elected attorneys hang out to dry their primary data collector with their own dog and pony show back at the ranch.

You can’t make this set of circumstances up, but at the same time they keep the focus on themselves. Sad, if oh so predictable.


This is the result of millions of dollars spent trying to depose an Elected President .
Using the the full weight of the justice dept Muller and company had nothing to work with so they took the easy way out !
Legal or not they raided President Trumps personal attorney .
I am not a lawyer but from what I understated this is a last ditch effort after all other means have been exhausted .
I have to wonder if the justice dept issued a motion of discovery with any court as a first measure before reverting the last measure ?


All of the investigators are never-Trumpers and major players in the resistance movement . It is the beginning of their attempt to un-do an election they never wanted to happen . These are big money players from , lobbyist to billionaires and the Obama cartel . Their plan was set in motion with the FBI leak concerning a fabricated dossier the DNC and FBI PAID for , now they raid an attorneys office, home and hotel room and gather privileged communication which has zero to do with collusion or Russia . We are seeing the beginning of an overthrow, hence the attack on the second Amendment and the entire Bill of Rights !!!


This so called investigation is nothing more than an attempt by the DOJ and FBI to LEGALLY overthrow President Trump.The major Traitors have everything to gain by being part of the SWAMP whether a6 D or an R.
If they can’t.get enough FALSE information about Trump for impeachment, they will continue the harassment hoping he will become frustrated enough not to seek reelection.


It seem you are right we are witnessing a coup from the left and the establishment in the swamp .


The hatred of the left in never ending

What they ignore is that what they are doing will be done to the next democrat in the White House

The screaming will begin


How can that happen ? Main street media will not change their bias with the election of a socialist president .
The entrenched liberal minions in government will still be there .


The attack is multi-pronged from lobbyist with endless resources and cash to DNC and RINO’s to Facebook who launched a vigorous assault on conservative views with an all out censorship of ALL postings . Then we have the media with endless fake news and their twisting of facts and outright LIES ! And then the billionaires like Soros funding leftist groups to assault and disrupt free speech that appear to be conservative or in any way supportive of our duty elected president . The RINO’s like Graham and McCain don’t miss a beat, bad mouthing the president’s every move . Rather than backing the president and call this mis-carriage of justice what it is a total breach of privileged communications between attorney and client they are sponsoring a bill to protect Mueller and his band of never-Trumpers from firing because they want Trump out too !!!



We are witnessing more and more republicans not wanting to seek re-election , they simply gave up . The pressure of the media , liberals and RINO’s is too much to bare these days . Conservatives are targeted by multiple sources and are made the punching bag of every talking head’s broadcast and every sitcom . Facebook with over 3 billion strong has censored ALL conservative views from postings without the poster even being aware it is happening . :roll_eyes:


The Fifth Amendment is an exclusionary rule. By its terms, it prevents material obtained in violation of the privilege of self-incrimination from being used to incriminate a defendant – that is, to convict him or her of a crime.
But the Fourth and Sixth Amendments provide far broader protections: they prohibit government officials from in any way intruding on the privacy of lawyer-client confidential rights of citizens.
In other words, if the government improperly seizes private or privileged material, the violation has already occurred, even if the government never uses the material from the person from whom it was seized.
The very fact that this material is seen or read by a government official constitutes a core violation. It would be the same if the government surreptitiously recorded a confession of a penitent to a priest, or a description of symptoms by a patient to a doctor, or a discussion between a husband and wife of their sex life.


House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes threatened late Tuesday to “impeach” FBI Director Christopher Wray and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein if they fail to turn over the document that in 2016 launched the FBI’s probe of Russian contacts with the Trump campaign.
What are they afraid of , what are they trying to hide ??? Maybe it time to raid their offices and homes !!!


No culture, in all of history, has been where we are and managed to save itself. There are ten signs of a dying culture. Many cultures have met their end from just a handful of these symptoms. America suffers from all ten of them. It is too late to save this country, barring a miracle. Such a miracle would only happen if America returned to God and asked His forgiveness. I do not see this happening.


The push started 8 years ago and conservatives never seen it coming . Just look at the number of RINO’s in office today that preach liberal BS , talk of amnesty and chain migration . How many that put roadblocks up to things they were put in office to accomplish , cut spending and such . How many are mum on attacks on our Constitution and the Bill of Rights . How many are silent on attacks on Christianity , the attempts to erase our past . They ALL have succumb to peer pressure and LOST their way !!!


They can only be covering their ass ! No other reason and that explains the rash decision on President Trump’s lawyer . Daring the President to do anything .


I don’t know about members of the GOP not seeking reelection ?
On one hand I think the never Trumpers in the GOP can see the writing on the door and know it will not be business as usual any time soon and they can make more money lobbying then in congress ?


I could not agree more with you !
I don’t think anyone understands the desperation of working Americans until President Trump got elected and I cannot foretell the reaction of the working class if he is removed from office ?