FBI says citizens — armed and unarmed — thwarted eight active shooter situations



You won’t read those type stories in the liberal media ever .


Imagine what would happen if the Leftists had successfully implemented their agenda of complete gun CONFISCATION:child::child:


If it doesn’t support the liberal narrative, it’s not newsworthy.


Every time you say something as I’ll informed as that, I’ll say this.

Florida, controlled by the GOP, house, senate and governor passed the most comprehensive gun control bill the nation has seen in a decade.

Trump, a supporter of the 1994 AWB, told us all back in January that there are times that the cops should ignore the law and the constitution and confiscate people’s guns letting the courts sort it out later.

Freedom, you are the most reasonable righty on this board, tell the truth. Your head would have exploded along with Fox News Headquarters had Obama ever said such a thing.

And now, the next comprehensive gun control legislation is going to come out of yet another GOP controlled state, Texas.

In contrast, the only real gun control legislation that Obama ever signed was giving you back your right to carry your firearm into our national parks and onto Amtrak trains. :wink:


Monte, I disagree with Governor Abbott’s decision to support GCOs . There was nothing stated what the criteria will be to authorize a GCO.
Hopefully it wouldn’t be at the discretion of the police. This is as ludicrous as anything the left has proposed if not worse.
He should direct his efforts to a complete audit of the gun permit licensing regulations to close loopholes and to make EVERYONE in the licensing process accountable for their mistakes such as happened in some of the recent shootings as happening in Parkland .
This appears to be a PC attempt to appease the left with the upcoming mid-term elections. In attempting to appease the left, you may become one of them.
Florida has stopped short of an outright ban on MILITARY STYLE weapons . Politically they were force to do it because of the nonsense of David Hogg who had whipped students and adults in to a FRENZY over Parkland .
I’m reasonable enough to call out anyone whether D or R that attempts to usurp the 2nd Ammendment rights of LAW ABIDING gun owners. Yes, I would have been VERY upset if Obama would have done this because of his EXTREMELY LEFTIST AGENDA .
Even though we tend to disagree, I thank you for comment about me. When I’m proven wrong, I’ll admit it. Sometimes I’m prone to foot- in- mouth disease ,but I do believe in honor among all of us here. HAVE A GOOD DAY!!!:sunglasses: