February Ratings: Fox News and Sean Hannity on Top


February Ratings: Fox News and Sean Hannity on Top — CNN and Chris Cuomo in Freefall

With an average of 3.3 million viewers, Fox News anchor Sean Hannity extends his status as the King of Cable News to five months, reports Forbes.
In second place is Fox’s Tucker Carlson, who averaged 3.144 million viewers.
Next up is the now-deposed Rachel Maddow, whose MSNBC show was number one in 2017. She is now in third place with 2.874 million average viewers.
The far-left cable channel averaged only a measly 979,000 primetime viewers, a catastrophic drop of -16 percent when compared to last year. The anti-Trump network lost a whopping -19 percent of its total day viewers.

With its ongoing and well-documented fake news crisis, Democrats appear to be fleeing in droves from the basement-rated CNN, choosing instead to watch MSNBC. CNN’s entire foundation is based on the existential lie that it is an unbiased and objective news outlet. MSNBC is not only not as hysterically far left as CNN, it does not lie about its biases. And so, MSNBC captured nearly twice as many primetime viewers as CNN (1.805 million) and grew its audience by slightly better margins then CNN’s double-digit shrinkage.

Nevertheless, Fox News’s 2.8 million primetime viewers almost perfectly equals the combined viewership of CNN and MSNBC.

The news gets even worse for the disgraced CNN when you look at the individual shows. Not a single CNN program ranks in the top 20. Anderson Cooper finally pops up at #24.

And waaaaaay at the bottom is Chris Cuomo’s widely-ridiculed morning show New Day. Other than MSNBC’s and CNN’s super-early 5am programs, New Day is the least watched program of the three major cable news networks, coming in at a humiliating #42 with only 607,000 total viewers.

Even MSNBC’s Morning Joe wallops Fredo, with 1.061 million viewers.

Fox and Friend almost wallops them both combined with 1.6 million viewers.

Additionally, Anderson Cooper was the only CNN anchor able to barely squeak over a million average viewers (1.077 million). No one else at CNN could even do that.


Sean Hannity has something the other journalists don’t have and that is calloused hands. He knows what actual Hard Work is and applies that in journalism.
He is straightforward with no BS and doesn’t cower from the Leftist Medias dislike of him.
I enjoy his show especially with Diamond and Silk and viewers comments at the end of the show. Eventually Fox will deliver a knockout blow to the Leftist News Channels.


Which is all it is, like Cuomo, Maddow and Tapper. Not news, just biased opinion of the news.


I’d like to know what their ratings would look like if every airport in the United States stop broadcasting CNN. Right now those are a lot of fake views for fake news!


The same could be said of Fox News in restaurants, most notably Mc Donald’s.


Having recently been in an airport CNN was playing and no one was watching.


I haven’t been in Mickey D’s in years- they have TV on? Other restaurants always have ESPN because it doesn’t piss people off who are trying to unwind.

I never cared for Hannity, he’s a loudmouth drama queen like whatever the judge’s name is… I do like Tucker Carlson, while he occasionally dabbles in “let’s have fun toying with a cretin from the other camp” he uses logic. FOX also has Shepard Smith who I see as a pretty straight down the middle reporter.

I used to watch CNN all the time, but in truth, the bias became so pervasive and shrill that I gave up on them - remember the Ossoff special election?



Another post I can basically agree with.


An example of just how polarized the “news” media have become- the half witted Jabba the Hutt who sent the powder envelopes to various GOP’s and Trump Jr. also donated to Share Blue and had a lot of angry rants about the GOP. All of which is inconsequential, but Daily Wire is calling him a "Democratic activist’. This is BS,yet who here imagines for a moment if all the parties were reversed, and this Bluto sent white powder to Chelsea Clinton, that all the networks would be making his party affiliation the lead…


Agreed again…


And I don’t see where the leftist media cowers from his dislike of them. There’s plenty of dislike going around.


The Leftist Medias dislike like him because he calls people out no matter who they are . He isn’t a loud mouth but attacks the BASELESS Dossier and other problems head on. Hannity is better than all those Leftist Shills on MSNBC and other So-called Mainstream Media outlets.
If you’re talking about Judge Napolitano, who else is as sharp a Legal mind than he is.




If you like Sean you may like Foxes latest addition Mark Levin ?


I don’t like “Seam” or LV.


We all know Chuck and Nancy are where you hang .


Two dinosaurs that need to be recycled in November.


Mark Levin is one of the most knowledgeable people about the Constitution and the U.S. government there is.
He could out debate all the Leftist Liberals at one time.More young people should be as educated as he is.