Fed Raises Interest Rates for Second Time in 2018, Signaling Economic Optimism


Unless you are saving money .


Well if this bothers you:

“The rich have been the beneficiary’s of war’s they never took part in free trade they made boat loads of money from open borders they exploited American workers by depressing wages and illegal aliens by exploiting their inability to protest dangerous working conditions the use of child labor and citys and states the cost of supporting these people.”

Then you should support regulation, shrug.


No regulation would fix any of the issues .
Laws and a revamp of our tax system top to bottom .


Laws are precisely how we regulate against the abuses you site. :roll_eyes:


Regulations are nothing more that rules that must be followed, made without legislation but at the whim of the regulators.


Exactly where I was going !



This little graph shows us exactly what trump is up against in dealing with debt repayment. Obama had effective 0% interest rated for his entire 8 year term … the fed has bumped interest rates 5 times since Trump took office… and some people wonder why his has little ability to balance the budget… Between the untouchable Social Security and Medicare and ever rising interest, that is over half of that tax realization right their…


Actually what we really need to do is put people in jail who actually violate the many already existing laws and then we wouldn’t need new laws to cover for the ones we refused to enforce…


YES… Lots and lots and lots of regulation…


New laws that we will to enforce is a great idea. Give the minions the idea that they are actually are doing something.


Regulations are not legislated laws. They are written by agencies supposedly in compliance with legislated laws…but often not so. Congress authorizes agencies to write regulations. Just as the regulators have the power to write whatever they determine to be appropriate, Congress and the President have the power to remove them.

Trump’s actions to remove EPA regulations on the coal industry have temporarily saved it from extinction.


I fully understand that… I also know that as Pelosi or Schumer or some schumk said… 'we create the framework and NEED the agencies to craft the policy@… While regulations is not law… it is unfortunately binding until someone decides to resend it of get it thrown out via the courts.


Making it well, law.


Non-legislated law…which can be removed by legislation…making it illegal to reintroduce the regulation.


What kind of silly shit is this? Why are we paying the federal reserve a shitload of money in interest? It’s not like that shit is backed by anything. We should tell them to fuck off and just go back to the Treasury printing the money. Oh by the way…look at how this came about and what the religious denominations were of the people that created the Fed.


A better approach is have congress do it’s job and pass each new regulation into law with a sunset clause of 10 years.

There would be fewer regulations.


Better yet, make all proposed regulations subject to Congressional approval…and required sunset clauses installed before they are presented to the President as proposed laws.

As it stands, regulations are left to the expected bias of agency members until challenged in courts.

On edit: I think I said the same thing you proposed.


Well yes, that would be nice. But didn’t partisan lefties protect people like Holder and Lynch in the obama administration like partisan righties will protect the crooks in the Trump administration. You’re always accusing me of not having ideas, tell me, how are we going to really drain the swamp, and lock people up with those guys protecting the crooks on the left, and you guys protecting the crooks on the right???


It would appear to me that Trump and his entire administration is and has been under far more scrutiny than probably any other president and not just for the specific subject of russia but for anything and everything. I don’t believe I have ever heard of 4 concurrent investigations looking at the same subject matter were the investigators are having turf wars over who gets to see what.

We seem to have a DOJ and FBI that feel that they are a law unto their own where congressional oversight means nothing to them and before you say it, I don’t put much credence in party affiliation when it comes to republicans… they have shown themselves to be, think and vote little differently than the democrats they ran against. What ever wrong doing that occurs with the Trump administration, either real or imagined will find its way to the public jury and will likely find itself in front of a real jury.

I was talking more about corporate jocks getting off because of their crony relationship with government but since you bring it up… lets have a good hard look at those political actors who have made a handsome living off of ‘supporting’ their local busineesmen…er… and Women. Trump doesn’t seem to be pandering so much to them… perhaps thats one of the reasons he is getting all the attention.


This is to be expected with a true outsider. A person elected that isn’t part of the DC establishment. A person with sides and half the country dislikes.

The right showed great restraint in their dislike of Obama and his regime and policies. I often wonder how things would be today if they would have unleashed their fury as the left , media and Jollywood has in

the last 2 years.