Federal Appeals court upholds Maryland assault rifle ban


I don’t think she needed a gun she needed to get out.

domestic violence is tragic all around and more needs to be done not to teach victims how to defend themselves except as a last resort but to provide a HOT number to call and immediate extraction and protection.

always so sad.


This is an issue where we just will not agree.


Liberals need to step back and realize, we have about 300M Guns and over a trillion rounds of ammo… if we were the problem…they’d know it pretty quickly.


A truly duplicitous opinion on-par with Cases v US which inserted the “militia right” perversion into the federal courts in 1942 – a perversion that 2nd Amendment jurisprudence suffered under for 66 years.

Just like Cases, this opinion has as its primary intent to completely reverse SCOTUS precedent.

It seeks to erase Miller’s protection criteria, which asked if the “weapon is any part of the ordinary military equipment” and instead, hold up Miller’s reasoning to find 2nd Amendment protection as reasoning to exclude protection.

Leftist silliness . . . Nothing more.


you are.

and we do.

you asked…