Federal Judge Blocks Trumps New Travel Ban As Being UNconsitutional


I’d say if your were being intellectually honest you might suspect both… I mean the track record of a court that is overturned 70% of the time is… at least in my thought process… suspect. I know I wouldn’t bet my life on their defense.


Don’t worry too much about MY “ntellectual honesty”, but thanks. That is a buzz word du jour that is being used a bit freely today as a slick rebuttal that is frankly oxymoronic most of the time. It is just more “whataboutism” that allows for blindly following the hubris off the cliff. Humans are imbued with great pattern recognition: use it. You are being gulled. Darn- I am really trying not to snark…


He says using his considerable nautical skills to sail past the subject…


The Court is not overturned 70% of the time- please give some non-Breitbart citation. Trump said he was wiretapped by Obama. Given opportunity after opportunity to clarify, obfuscate, retract, flesh-out, etc- NOTHING. Here is a man who seems to channel his upset little boy-man and tweet after bedtime with one hyperbole or fabrication after another nearly daily- but never apologizes or admits error (that’s being generous). This is a National Embarrassment.

“Activist Judge” is mostly used as a propaganda tool to rebut differing opinions. I have known too many judges to take it seriously. Everybody thinks he/she is a Constitutional scholar and pretends to read and digest what goes on in chambers. Unfortunately it is only internet politibabble at least 70% of the time.


Can Obama apologize about his fake birth certificate?


It may well be; think about it- the nation (America- not California) prefers Trump, warts and all, to what your side has to offer. That is what should give you pause.


I will clarify… of the cases reviewed by the Supreme Court… that is cases sent to the supreme court in deference to the ninth circuits decisions 80% were overturned… In other words, when it really mattered, they were wrong much more than they were right and if I had to bet my life on a defense team… it wouldn’t be them.

See what I think is that Democrats think that Trump is dumb… I think that between business and what he knows about casinos… he has done what in poke parlance is ‘Called’… He has been accused by the same kind of media manipulation that he used… nothing more. Now is it wrong… yeah, A sitting president should have fact for such an allegation and well… maybe he does… but that would be a hole card.

Their is of course considerable ambiguity in the interpretation and … elasticity of the constitution and I have a feeling we are fixing to clarify some of the gray areas in … states rights… judicial deference and precedence… we shall see…


Activist judge:
Judicial activism refers to judicial rulings suspected of being based on personal or political considerations rather than on existing law.


In comes the tinfoil set again.


Reading the Brietbart Babble again? Even his supposed party is fracturing around him- too liberal or to incoherent. His own ap[pointees have been known to say no thanks. Mid-terms will be interesting. I hope he gets it together! I wish him the best even as I suspect the worst,


I, a Democrat this time, don’t think he is dumb at all- a remarkable campaign of the inventiveness and clarity of Joe Trippe or Karl Rove. I think the seemingly arrested personality problems ,that gave him all his military experience, his seeming lack of an ethical or moral keel, ill suits him to be a president- that’s all… Again I wish him the very best during this steep learning curve. He has been a ceo but never part of the more nuanced complexity of the head of state. Quite different skills needed.


Experts from two different countries defraud the document put up by the white house itself, and Mike Zullo, who dedicated an entire 5 years of his professional life assessing the document. IT’S TINFOIL CONSPIRACY.

But yes The Russians ™ stole the election. Try again.


The 1980’s called and they want their foreign policy back.


A shame the election was the democrats to lose. Poor candidate will certainly do that. Maybe they will retread Hillary and run her again, heaven knows Trump will need the help.

We survived 8 years of Obama, barely, we will survive 4 of Trump.


You are correct that he has a steep learning curve but it isn’t because of his actual ability, it is because of the numerous layers of traps set by career politicians to protect their cheese. The elected offices were meant to be filled by civic minded citizens not careerists. Hell the whole thing over the ‘repeal’ of the ACA looks a shambles because of the rules that have been created over time to trap one party or the other. Reconciliation vs a straight piece of legislation, Omnibus vs single issue bills and of course all the trappings of pork side deals. Its not that he can’t think his way through an issue, he just doesn’t have the rule book to know the rather contrived game.

The ‘Deep State’ is back in the news as it pops up every now and again going back to at least Eisenhower. I read a rather good article a while back about Trumps promise to ‘deconstruct the federal government’. The article points out the difficulties presented when attempting to do that. Some rest in the inherent stability of the government while much more is designed by layers of presidents to protect their legacy bureaucrats to protect their turf. If you attempt to remove this… that breaks. If you take away funding for this group… that group gets hurt. I too wish him much luck in his stated task of trimming the trees… perhaps a good defoliant…and a can of black flag bug spray…because it will take considerable effort to cut through all of the moral and ethical keel that created and protects it.


As per the nature of that learning curve: I understand your reference to the difficulties and pitfalls of destabilizing a cozy monolithic bureaucracy primarily intent on matters of its own immortality- LOL- I must further point out the break between the campaign rhetoric- the populist promises- and the reality, not only of the complexity and interdependence of The System status quo with the accumulation of the repairs, but the continual attempts at improvement tweaks and a continued process of America’s political structure. Also the hyperbolic blanket critique of certain policies and bills- like ACA- are simply proving to be false narrative. Much Maligned Obamacare has helped too many to be just “fired”. Our trade and political policies have simply Not been as disastrous as described by this administration and America is Clearly doing better now than pre-Obama. We see this admission in the dessention, even in Trump’s adopted party, and the midterm frenzy for re-election is bringing these ideology-vs-reality issues into real focus.

Beyond the frankly racist overtones of this populist path that alienate so many I hope that some of the pragmatism that suggests that even a not-for-profit business model, that is government, doesn’t thereby have to LOSE money sinks in. Choosing war machine vs domestic policy doesn’t seem to be much of a visionary plan for a bright future for us however- unless one is content to see these as simply end-game, last man standing, times… The ‘masses’ are certainly not part of that sort of plan- American or not.


:grin: if you say so.

As far as the blanket critique of various policies, these has been a conundrum for some time. For instance may of the Great Society programs we not only a waste of resource but in some cases actually seriously counter productive to the health of society … but… they became sacred cows and now an established part of the American political framework. The ACA was never debated as a matter of fact most of the issues and monopoly and protected interests that propel this discussion to be about ‘insurance’ have never been addressed… The one thing I have always felt about the lack of objectivity of the left is that they have always had the easy sell… the point of the government gun pays for it all…


I guess it MIGHT have been more misplaced liberal counter production to get a brother of mine into rehab even though he said he ‘had it under control’. I found him on the floor down 1/4 of his weight in a stinky mess with his dog. Perhaps, ‘authorianistically’, I interrupted a plan? So shoot me- I would do it again- and I hope if I am ever in such a state that there is someone who acts on my behalf.

Why people fear change is maybe ‘counter productive’ to the society in which they live too. Ayn Rand went after an extreme of your POV. Of course these programs have not worked all the time, need tweaking and maitenance, have unintended consequences that must be addressed- but that is different from just calling them wrong-headed, addictive or counter productive. It is hard to recall the circumstances that seemed to mandate social prorams initially- or to properly judge the overall effcts without that recall- but we are not a Social Darwinist society either- in which we ignore our sick, our tired, our poor, our huddled masses. Are we? This is no simplistic black/white issue but goes to the heart and soul of this nation which claims liberty and freedom and Christian roots. Conservatives should ‘rightly’ be ideologically invested in maintenence and repair rather that getting rid of, trading-in or starting all over. The considerations and the basic structure of domestic policy are not so flawed as undernourished- like other parts of our degrading infrastrucure.



I see your point. I do not, however, think that he is dumb. That said I am concerned that his supporters are disinterested in the myriad ethics issues- from nepotism to policy based more on convenience than concern for America’s future (as in promising ‘convenient’ deregulation for a short term fix of a larger set of problems- is THAT what populism has come to mean?) to a wink/nod (that being generous) to a regression on civil rights and separation of church and state, to a dismissal of the importance of the 4th Estate and an adherence to fact.

I think Our standards are being lowered- without a full realization it is even happening.


Democratic appointed judges NO longer follow the rule of LAW they simply follow party lines !!! :scream: