Federal Judge Blocks Trumps New Travel Ban As Being UNconsitutional


More partisan drivel.


However… it does not necessarily make it wrong, now does it?


It is completely wrong, and I’ll not respond in kind.


An older article but likely not much improved…

A more recent article that just confirms the other…

Only a quarter of us can name all three branches of government showing the extent of the American Civic Knowledge


Some people suggest that we should have some form of civics test for voters… but democrats would scream ‘VOTER SUPPRESSION’ … I mean why on earth would establishment democrats care if voters learned anything beyond ‘D

I think that politicians should remove their party affiliation from all commercials and ballots but … democrats would scream ‘VOTER SUPPRESSION’ :rofl:


Same old partisan drivel. This doesn’t promote conversation.


I think its more of … you know precisely what I am saying is true… you also know why democrats are so desperate to have all of these illegals made legal… its cause democrats are cozily tucked up with the big business they say they despise… or… or… is that the reason? I mean you want to pretend to spread the blame evenly but its is a very partisan issue… democrats don’t care that these people entered our country without permission… in this land of the ‘rule of law’ their must be a reason for that position.


I’m not pretending shit, both parties are screwing me and as a patronizing person, you’re part of the problem.


Yawn… if you mean that both parties are not giving your the free that the socialist progressive party will… well, sorry, I can’t help you in your sorrow… and with very little detail to go on it sounds like sobbing in your beer to me.


Typical, I mention national debt and endless war and you bring in social issues. I’m a 1%er atheist that believes that (this being a professing Christian nation notwithstanding) all Americans should have access to education, healthcare and an expected path to health, wellbeing and happiness. There’s never been any surprise that the selfish right wouldn’t grasp such a concept, shrug.


Yeah, your right national debt has nothing to do with entitlements… my mistake…

Given that welfare and pensions have an off the book outstanding liability of 100 trillion I would suggest that while I agree with you that our defense dollars are very poorly placed and our foreign policy has little to do with our actual defense, it has few unrealized liabilities except of course for the next undeclared foreign intervention…

I was going to go off on your desire to fund peoples wellbeing and happiness but that can wait for another time…


You appear white from your picture, although you said you are Jewish so I guess that means you get to pick and choose when you’re white and when you’re not…but why don’t you stop for a minute and listen to what an actual minority has to say about the President and the “white guilt” you are pushing.


WOW! What racism. Perhaps you should alter your username.


As you didn’t reply to a person no one knows what your referring to.