Fellow Progressives Please Take Some Time to Grieve


Take some time to grieve. It’s a long process. Be gentle with yourself and take some time away if you find that necessary. Don’t, however, give up. I’m hearing so many people say that there is no more hope. There is always hope. Always. If we let this nonsense stand, we let down all the people we love who need protected.

Sixty years ago there was no hope but we just had eight years of a phenomenal African American President.

A hundred years ago there was no hope, but then women won the right to vote.

Within the last couple of years we’ve been beat down and knocked around, but then the LGBTQ community won the legal right to marry.

Go and grieve. Drink some hard alcohol, take a walk, pet your dogs, hug your children…do all those things, but then stand up and fight. Every second, every minute, every day. This is who we are, not some backwater country that lets the downtrodden get furthered trampled.

I expect to see you all back here as much as possible with your armor on and your fighting attitude. The 2018 midterms are coming.


I am not grieving, I’m pissed off and ready for war.

I accept the defeat and and don’t deny its size or importance.
I am not making any deals with myself.
I will stay pissed off and avoid depression.

I won’t drop my anger at the corruption of politics by the other side, the transformation of politics into war by other means. I won’t let them off the hook for destroying the career of a capable politician, for insulting my president for 8 years, for hounding the Clintons to death, for wasting the country’s time and money in the investigations.

This is war, and they started it.


War is fought with guns which you probably don’t own and even if you did you wouldn’t know how to use. Probably the most ridiculous post I have read anywhere today. Congratulations, when the FBI shows up it’s best to put your hands up not behind your back.


Bring it cuck.


Your pissed at the corruption of the GOP?

Checked your own back yard lately?

Think all the Podesta emails were fake?

Think all the emails on Hillary’s server were fake?

We have seen your war already as your party tried to disrupt the political process with demonstrations against Trump.

We have seen your war overnight with burning and looting as the Dems peaceful transition of power is on full display for all to see.

Clearly you have never been in the military, clearly you have no idea what war is all about or what war looks like or you wouldn’t be calling for war.

It is truly time for this country to be split into 2 countries where you can have your failed cities, your progressive dreams and all your illegals and all your immigrants from other countries.

As a side note why is it that most of the states are now governed by conservative governors and the Dems leave a mess for them to clean up?


I am amazed that 300 million people can live on the same land mass and have such different views of our existence… perhaps parallel universes are indeed a reality and Washington is nothing but a black hole between the two… Man… I hope I didn’t say something racial that would trigger anyone… my apologies in advance…


Um….because the dems can work across the aisle the Reps cling to their guns and dogma???

My state has had a Republican Governor FIVE out of the last SIX. I voted for all of them.

Our Senate is 34-6 and our House is 128-34 both Democrat.

We excel in education, technology, and jobs our unemployment rate is among the lowest in the nation 3.6%.

Clearly you don’t know what you are talking about.


Your crazy is showing again.


I see Steve is back and healthy enough to return to his evil GOP talking points. Let’s see how this plays out. You can be sure a conservative is put on the SCOTUS - maybe two if Goatwoman passes on, but I don’t see Roe V Wade being overturned.


Yeah, Obama and the Dems in the Senate have proved that for the last 8 years,

Glad you retain your sense of humor.


everytime I read anything you post @LouMan I have a good guffaw.


That’s better than your posts making everyone want to vomit.


Now you know how everyone on this site views your comments.


I know how little respect a group of close minded view the truth.

the truth wont change friend no matter how hard you twist it or try to quiet it. you can do what you want …but there it is.

props to Winston Churchill.

strive to be less of a tool friend.


Strive to understand others point of views.
Strive to understand not everyplace in the US is exactly like where you live.
Strive to understand that not everyone was raised like you and have your steadfast unshakable beliefs.
And your truth isn’t necesssarily the truth but the truth as you know it.

You have to give respect to get respect.


You wouldn’t know the truth if it was standing besides you whacking you with a 5-iron. Fantasyland hours are coming to a close and you should really get back there to console your OFA friends.


you really should take your own advice I have seen few so blind to their own prejudice @LouMan

strive to be better friend. your trite platitudes don’t make the cut.


You should try some Preperation-H for that butthurt. It seems to be flaring up.


As always steve, you blame others for your faults.

Rest well after a long night

This evenings sunset:


not blaming anyone friend.

but when I poke around at your facts you get all fluffed up.

you are a weird dude.