Felons are allowed to vote , Obama appointed federal judge rules


Florida’s ban on voting by ex-felons is unconstitutionally enforced, Obama-appointed federal judge rules .
Within a year, more than 100,000 ex-felons were granted voting rights. The democratic base is illegals and felons any wonder they are anti-law enforcement ?


I may not like the implications of this decision with respect to our current political situation but I don’t know that the ruling was necessarily wrong. We have managed to move away from the idea that a persons debt to society is paid at the end of serving a sentence… and their are far to many ways to become a felon under the mountain of laws we live with today. Given that we have the second highest incarceration rate in the world I wonder if we haven’t created more of a problem with our society than we fix…


What a bunch of junk. Maybe I missed it in the article but I’m not seeing what exactly about preventing felons from voting is unconstitutional. Shouldn’t a judge making a ruling on something being unconstitutional have to explain what was violated in the Constitution? The US Constitution doesn’t tell the states how voting should work. So I guess I’m not seeing how Florida determining how voting works in Florida is unconstitutional.


Do you think that a person should loose a most basic right of citizenship…forever???


In cases where that individual injures, kills, rapes, or robs, another citizen, yep.


The guiding case law currently is Richardson v. Ramirez, 418 U.S. 24 (1974). In that case, a majority of the Supreme Court found that the 14th Amendment gives the states clear permission to deny the vote to felons.


That’s probably a majority view. The constitution leaves this to the states of course, and as far as I can see the judge isn’t necessarily arguing that the states constitution itself is unconstitutional, (in view of the US constitution) but seemingly more less that it’s being implemented unfairly. I know that it’s one of those things that I’d prefer a more individual case by case on the order of what you suggest. And just for clarification, the 14th gives the states the right to establish their own rules on the subject. Not clear permission to deny anything, as that would not be an objective description.


The liberal argument is far more blacks and browns are subject to the ban than whites . Without reasoning that blacks and brown commit the most felonies , just more dumbass liberal logic ! :roll_eyes: shrug :roll_eyes: