Female Doctor Sues Gay Friend for Child Support 16 Years After He Donated Sperm to Her


I know you guys in America are having a tough time right now with the election. But just remember, it could always be worse. You could live in Canada.

  • Dr. Amie Cullimore is a doctor who makes $250,000 per year
  • She could not conceive a baby so she asked her gay male friend (whom she met in medical school a decade prior) to donate sperm to her NO STRINGS ATTACHED
  • The gay man (Dr. Ranson) is also a doctor who works for the UN doing humanitarian work in Europe
  • They had an agreement in 2002 where she would not seek financial gain despite there being a legal loophole in Ontario where the biological parents can be held financially liable for their children no matter what
  • He was always giving her and her kids money for living expenses; took them on paid trips to visit him in Europe; took them to Disney Land several times; even paid her $22,000 for various expenses; was a good father figure to the kids
  • fast-forward to 2016, Dr. Amie Cullimore, decides to sue him for 4 years of RETRO-ACTIVE CHILD SUPPORT INCLUDING FULL UNIVERSITY EDUCATION for BOTH CHILDREN (amounting possibly to hundreds of thousands of dollars).

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Reminds me of both the Native American law- if you marry a native American, have kids, and divorce- they can take the kids full custody because of their heritage- nice huh? The other case was out here in Costa Mesa CA. A couple divorced because she was pregnant with another man’s kid (an affair). The judge (a liberal) made the divorcing husband pay child support for the upcoming mouth to feed because the paramour had no job. Liberals never consider fairness beyond what will make them feel like patronizing bwaanas in the moment.


I would agree to pay a fair portion based on the weight of the original deposit divided by the offspring ’ s current body weight.

After all, that’s only fair.