Feminist Intellectuals Get Working Women Fired- For Women's Rights


I really don't mean to be picking on the UK quite so much but the nonsense is coming in thick and fast from the motherland.

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Again we return to the subject of class. Again the political left, which proclaims itself to be the champion of the working people, expresses nothing but utter contempt for us. Across the towns of Britain in pubs and pool halls working men have played darts. Their fathers and fathers' fathers played darts too, being a fine game to enjoy while drinking ale.

the World Championships of Darts attract great crowds to see the finest exponents of throwing tungsten darts into cork boards. Men with noms-de-guerre like Superchin, The Wizard, and The Iceman are cheered as heroes as they walk out to classic rock hits like Eye of The Tiger. Vast quantities of beer are consumed, and a good time is had by all.

For around 25 years or so the darts players have accompanied to the oche by 'walk on girls'. Professional models, both full and part-time, are employed to add a little glamour to the occasion. For American readers, think of the card girls in boxing or UFC, but with a lot more clothes. With no offense meant to the man known as Superchin, I think both of us can agree he is no Christiano Ronaldo- the walk on girls magnify the star status of the talented men with the iron needles.

No one is under any illusions that this is not the red carpet at the Oscars. Nor is that desired. The tone is not lascivious in the slightest, being rather more in the tame beauty pageant vein of things. By the unanimous account of the ladies involved, the workplace is safe, they have security at all times, and the environment is a clean, wholesome and familial one.

Naturally, Feminists Are Outraged and have successfully pressured the organizing body Professional Darts Corporation into banning this long-standing practice, citing the usual sexism and rape culture excuses that we know and love.

I hope that you noticed the subtle allusion made by the feminist Howard that draws a parallel between escorting a darts player into a sports arena and being a literal escort. She thinks these adult women little better than whores.

It is Howard's stated wish for everyone to stop objectifying people at once, which means that we humans must be reprogrammed through feminist ideology into not being humans any longer. It cannot be permitted that men like looking at women, and that women also enjoy looking at women if they are glamorous. Burqas out for the lads.

According to her page on her literature agency's website,

Sally Howard is a journalist and feminist academic. A regular contributor to Marie Claire magazines (UK and US), The Sunday Telegraph Stella magazine, The Sunday Times Travel magazine and US feminist newsstand glossy Ms.,Sally’s work typically approaches topical social issues with a gendered lens. Recent journalism projects include Transformers, on ballet as a site of transgender transition for The Royal Academy of Dance and No Sanctuary, an Amnesty award-winning story for The Gay Times and The Guardian on gay and lesbian asylum to the UK.

Sally holds a Master’s in Gender Studies and Law from SOAS, The University of London, where she is a fellow and contributor to peer-reviewed interdisciplinary feminist journal Feminist Review.

Naturally, you can see why Howard has pushed for the walk on girls to be a thing of the past. People are looking at each other, and one day, unless we are very, very careful, someone is going to have a sexy thought. Howard is barely what one would call an academic. What we see here is activism, pure and simple. The feminist lens has been applied to something that feminists have no interest in whatsoever apart from the theoretical and found it wanting.

What does a Master in Gender Studies degree holder care for working women? Not a jot. Daniella Allfree was a walk on girl for many years. She is a married mother of one. In the mind of feminist's like Howard, she is both a victim of objectification and little more than a sex worker. The arrogance of the media elite is beyond the pale, that a published author and journalist will deprive a mother of money because she disagrees with how she made it. The false concern for people looking on who might be somehow corrupted by seeing a good looking woman in a nice dress is entirely hypothetical- it owes nothing to reality, and everything to the twisted mind of Andrea Dworkin.

Now the rot has spread to Formula One which has announced the end of 'Grid Girls' this will roll through the rest of motor racing and other sports. Never mind the lost revenue for hundreds of women across the nation. This will become thousands if this cancer spreads across the pond to the United States. Cheerleaders at the football or basketball could be next.

Thankfully, the women of the darts and motor-racing world are not taking this lying down- literally or metaphorically. On BBC Radio a firey exchange saw Tilly, a middle-class yoga teacher, try to explain to Jade, a model, that she simply needed to be better educated so that she had more options in life. It transpires that Jade was a straight A student and was considering medical school, but declined it. The reason? Jade's mother was involved in a serious accident when Jade was a six year old, and she has needed Jade's care ever since. Jade declined to become a doctor to look after her family, and being a part-time model brings in much needed extra revenue that fits around her responsibilities. Would Sally Howard do the same? Perhaps she would argue that no matter what, there are other options to looking nice in a dress. Sally manages that quite well, after all.

Hats off to Jade and Danielle and all the other models who make money while doing what they enjoy. Boo and hiss to sourpuss ideologues who hate women.

It ain't misbehavin', no matter what the feminists might say.

We contacted Sally Howard for comment, but had not received a reply by the time of publication.

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Leftists always cannibalize each others


And yet, Hollywood, the most vocal of the pontificates turns out to the red carpet gala’s dressed like women headed for a swing party…


“I am woman, hear me roar! Women are strong, smart beings, and deserve to be able to make their own career choices… unless those choices go against what Judeo-Feminists want.”


If the thinking behind this was, “We think women should be married and at home supporting their families, not doing this job,” that would be one thing.

Unfortunately, the reasoning is, “These attractive women should not be getting compensated for this easy part-time job. They should be doing “masculine career” type jobs - thereby denying men a way to support their families - wasting their lives doing something they find tedious, boring, and entirely unrewarding.”

Men do some absolute shit jobs to support the women and children that we love. We do it because we know someone has to, and our happiness comes from supporting our women/families - not because it is an end in-and-of itself.

By contrast, a woman-homemaker gets to do something 100% meaningful, every single day. They are incredibly fortunate, in that respect.

It’s too bad that the (((globalists))) have reduced pay levels so low - by flooding the labor market with foreigners and women - that few men can pay the bills to support their families on 1 or even 2 jobs anymore.


On the brighter side, this type of shit is what will push attractive women further to the right. The most attractive women in the world are mainly white. There is also a war on white men. White men like having sex with attractive white women. The more sex a man has with a woman they higher the chances of conception. If highly attractive women find themselves out of work based upon their appearance they will become redpilled. They will seek out men who are redpilled. They will have lots of sex and produce lots of offspring who are also redpilled. This helps us and subsequent generations to destroy the globalists. The globalists are unintentionally pushing the creation of an attractive alpha master race.


The girls are there because the men like to look at them. Without the girls all of the pre-race and post-race stuff is boring.

Men want to sit in the sun and watch fast cars, see smiling pretty/sexy girls, and drink beer.

SJWs want to stop men from having fun, especially white men


I always thought that the British people were known for having a stiff upper lip? I searched for “Sally Howard” on Google and nothing comes up besides this dart story. She’s a nobody. Why would anyone in the UK take what she says seriously? If a private business wants to use attractive girls to draw some attention, and the girls are more than happy to participate - who is suffering - besides gawky unattractive women who no one wants to listen to anyway?



How feminists with children behave…



Why do feminists project their hate of the period onto others? Period have never came up in conversation except for when I was in middle schools, when adolescent curiosity and immaturity came about. Feminists ruin it for the other feminine women out there just minding their own business that actually have manner.



The debate is hearing up in the UK…