Feminist Minister Jess Phillips Endorses Genocide Denying Jihad Apologist

UK: Feminist MP Jess Phillips Endorses Genocide Denying Jihad Apologist

Labour MP Jess Phillips has strong opinions. She doesn't believe that men have issues that need paying attention to by the government. That being said, she does believe that abusive men are everywhere. She is an ardent feminist- and by ardent feminist, I mean a screeching harpy who is wrong with such consistency you might imagine she does it on purpose. You might remember her from having a brief moment of fame when YouTuber Carl 'Sargon of Akkad' tweeted that he "wouldn't even rape" her in the wake of Phillips demanding more state control of the internet to protect women from online abuse. It was quite funny.

Comprehend our astonishment then when we discovered this week that Jess has endorsed Safia Noor, a Labour council candidate in Birmingham who doesn't believe ISIS exist and told angry Britons to "grow up" following the Islamic jihad attack on Westminster in 2017. Five people died.

UK: Feminist MP Jess Phillips Endorses Genocide Denying Jihad Apologist

On March 27, 2017, she commented on a Guardian article which carried the headline. “Westminster attacker Khalid Masood had interest in Jihad - police”.

Ms. Noor posted to her followers:

“So someone got stabbed after the attack last week as a result of media and government claiming that SO CALLED ISIS HAD CLAIMED RESPONSIBILITY.

“There is no ISIS and there is no proof.”

Noor also ‘Liked’ an article claiming “9/11 was carried out by West”.

But Ms. Noor is local to the Birmingham area, so that's alright for Jess Phillips. Never mind that ISIS attempted to exterminate the Yazidi and anyone else they came across. Never mind that to say there is no ISIS is to deny this genocide- not to mention the rank hypocrisy of self-proclaimed champion of women's rights Jess Phillips endorsing an Islamist council candidate who wears a hijab. It could be argued that Noor wears the hijab by choice so that Muslim men don't think she is an immodest British whore to be used as trash, but can Jess Phillips really ignore her denial of the rape and murder of thousands of Yazidi women by a terrorist group who Noor claimed doesn't exist?

Apparently yes.

UK: Feminist MP Jess Phillips Endorses Genocide Denying Jihad Apologist

Jess Phillips said:

"She was selected by the members. She said stupid things. She has apologized. We have lots and lots of problems that we need to be concentrating on."

Follow Jess Phillips' logic- abusive men are everywhere, but someone who claims the most abusive men on the planet don't exist is a good choice to be a community leader so long as they say they are sorry. Phillips has also expressed her disappointment in her friend Brendan Cox, the leftist activist who liked to morally grandstand while choking women against their will. Oh, and he did that while he was married. Is there any behavior that Phillips actually will condemn if it is perpetrated by someone on her side of politics?

I'm sure that community activist Safia Noor is going to be a key player in the fight for cleaner streets and a new scanner at the library in Small Heath, where Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslims are at least 60% of the population. We can be sure that none of these people share the same kuffarphobic views as Noor, and that we can put this matter of genocide denial behind us.

Good to know that in the UK, feminists and Islamists are ready to unite with communists to form a progressive Labour government.

Viva la Revolucion, comrades.

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The best that the UK can hope for right now is a quick death.


That…or the dissolution of parliament and the reinstitution of a total monarchy. The Brits have shown the world that they aren’t capable of ruling over themselves. They need to be ruled over.

This also explains their love of Islam.


These people are sponsoring their own conquest. Maybe that they are hoping that after all of the Muslims take over and establish the first British Caliphate that they will be the last infidels to be executed.


The UK is actually doing things the right way. They are accepting of all people and racism / discrimination is not tolerated. We could learn a lot from them but we and they still have more work to do.


Pay attention because I do not say these words lightly. You are utterly insane if you think that the UK is doing things the right way, and unironically. My country has been hollowed out. Laws now actively protect people who preach the destruction of everything England is, was or stood for. Still; though we may yet have failed Churchill in the duty of defending our island home -it has been neglected, and the worst arrangements have been made- the utter annihilation of my people may yet be averted.