Fidel Castro is Dead


I just received word that Fidel Castro has died. I’ll post a full news story once one is available. I really hope Obama doesn’t come out and say something nice about him.


Good. 2016 just keeps getting better.


Miami is probably going crazy right now.


On this day, nothing of value was lost. Good riddance.


The year when EVERY leftist was completely blown out


Kaepernick mentioned him earlier today. That guy is the kiss of death.


I hope Trump annexes Cuba after this. Give them the same status as Puerto Rico and we will be all set. This is a great chance to snatch up some more valuable Caribbean land.


Former Mayor of London Boris Johnson says: Castro’s death marks the end of an era for Cuba and the start of a new one for Cuba’s people, via statement - The Guardian


Perhaps the best response I have seen so far this morning:


Brexit passes.
Cubs win.
Trump elected.
Castro dead.

2016: The Year When We (Almost) Got Tired of Winning.


Indeed they are!


Journalists Hail Castro’s Achievements, ‘George Washington,’ ‘Folk Hero to Most of Us’

By Brent Baker | November 26, 2016 | 3:52 AM EST

Fidel Castro, who died late Friday night, was a tyrant who oppressed Cubans and brought misery to many for several decades and while much of the breaking news coverage emphasized that reality, journalists on ABC, CNN and MSNBC – matching how too much of the media approached Castro for decades – couldn’t resist crediting him for supposed great advancements in education, literacy and health care.

On MSNBC, Andrea Mitchell insisted in a stock bio that Castro “gave his people better health care and education.” Appearing live by phone, she soon trumpted how Castro “will be revered” for “education and social services and medical care to all of his people.”

Along a similar theme, in an ABC Special Report during Nightline, Jim Avila maintained that “even Castro’s critics praised his advances in health care and in education.”

In a relatively tough report on Castro’s abuses, CNN’s Martin Savidge, in a pre-recorded bio piece, highlighted how “many saw positives, education and health care for all, racial integration.”

A meandering Brian Williams popped up by phone on MSNBC to ruminate and recalled how in his last visit to Cuba, in 2015: “You see the medicine system they are very proud of.”

ABC’s Avila went so far as to tout how Castro “was considered, even to this day, the George Washington of his country among those who remain in Cuba.”

Reminiscing about his high school years, via phone on MSNBC, Chris Matthews asserted that Castro was “a romantic figure when he came into power” and, Matthews wasn’t embarrassed to relay, “we rooted like mad for the guy” who “was almost like a folk hero to most of us.”

My question of course is … does it matter if you are educated when you are simultaneously brainwashed into believing that you ARE living a happy life when your friends are disappeared for the things they think? Perhaps the health thing is good though… It allows those who have woken up to their reality to have the strength to swim 90 miles… They are the ones dancing in the streets in Miami…


Unbelievable. Liberals celebrate a man who targeted gays and put them in prison camps.


Trump’s formal statement hit the nail on the head.

“Today, the world marks the passing of a brutal dictator who oppressed his own people for nearly six decades,” Trump said in a statement issued a couple of hours after his tweet.

“Fidel Castro’s legacy is one of firing squads, theft, unimaginable suffering, poverty and the denial of fundamental human rights. While Cuba remains a totalitarian island, it is my hope that today marks a move away from the horrors endured for too long, and toward a future in which the wonderful Cuban people finally live in the freedom they so richly deserve.”

The President-elect added, “Though the tragedies, deaths and pain caused by Fidel Castro cannot be erased, our administration will do all it can to ensure the Cuban people can finally begin their journey toward prosperity and liberty. I join the many Cuban Americans who supported me so greatly in the presidential campaign, including the Brigade 2506 Veterans Association that endorsed me, with the hope of one day soon seeing a free Cuba.”


OBAMA OFFERS CONDOLENCES!! Did he offer his condolences to all the political dissidents Still in jail? Or damaged from torture etc…???
He’s offering condolences while US citizens are celebrating in the streets that this monster finally died. Something so wrong with that. When Obama visited Cuba (where they ignored his arrival at the airport) and lifted restrictions on Cuba after all these years, did he even require Castro to change any of the human rights violations his government practices in exchange? If so I never heard of it. Another ONE SIDED DEAL MADE BY OUR PRESIDENT.
Outgoing president thank God.


You called that one MAGA.


Here is what Our President actually said.

"“We know that this moment fills Cubans — in Cuba and in the United States — with powerful emotions, recalling the countless ways in which Fidel Castro altered the course of individual lives, families, and of the Cuban nation. History will record and judge the enormous impact of this singular figure on the people and world around him.

“Today, we offer condolences to Fidel Castro’s family, and our thoughts and prayers are with the Cuban people. In the days ahead, they will recall the past and also look to the future. As they do, the Cuban people must know that they have a friend and partner in the United States of America.”


Then words of a Leader intelligent to know we are working for the FUTURE not stuck in the muck of hate and ignorance of the past for that is a people of failure.

What a bitter group that keeps clinging to past hatred and fails to see the clear future ahead. All we can say to those cold and bitter souls reliving the past is…please…get out of the way! Progress is coming!!!

Words for the future benefit the living.

Welcome CUBA to the WORLD!!!

Count us in!


“Progress is coming…” per stevesphr. Yes it is. Republican controlled house, senate and a president who will expect respect. And if he even deals with horrific people like Castro it will be on OUR terms, and will benefit the American people. No one knows for sure what Trump will do on any issue.
But it will be better than this embarrassing sucking up.


Great post @Annie98332. It’s shameful for any contemporary leader to offer condolences or express gratitude to this murderous butcher. I suspect Castro’s new destination is a bit warmer than Cuba.


the difference remains those living in the past and those of us moving to the future.

we se no fabricated outrage only stupidity holding us back.


I wish all the leftists were forced to live under his regime or one identical to it if not worse. That’d be swell. Why don’t leftists move to a socialist or communist country anyways?

Any thoughts?