Fidel Castro is Dead


Thanks😊. It is shameful and also confusing to a lot of people that a US president would be doing anything but loudly condemning him.
And You’re right there’s no Hell hot enough for someone like Castro. And welcome to this forum if you’re new.


But will they now go home???


ignorance promotes false arguments all the time.

no one suggests Castro was great at all but I think smart people support the good Cuban people.

haters just hate to make themselves feel bigger…as we see here. they lose sight of the issue because they never saw it to begin with.

please tell us YOUR experience in Cuba living under his regime (your words friend)


we’ll wait…


I am from Miami and am here visiting for Thanksgiving. My parents escaped Cuba as newlyweds and were granted political asylum here in this amazing country shortly after the Bay of Pigs in 61. They hated Castro because they lived under him. I grew up hearing nothing but horror stories about Castro and how lucky we were to live in the United States. My elderly parents still worship the American soil they were fortunate enough to be able to walk on everyday. I have never once seen my father shed a tear until this morning. He and my mother were reading the newspaper in the kitchen weeping…because he was finally dead. They have been emotional all day.

You clearly don’t know a damn thing about the Cuban people. My posts were about the evil butcher Castro, not about the Cuban people.

Yes, you are the ignorant one. Now go burn a flag or do whatever it is that you do for fun you disrespectful entitled singao.


I’ve rarely seen anyone post here who has as much credibility as you do on a subject. Not that you needed to prove anything. Your parents must have seen a lot of hell. I hope they have some relief today.
You called it with steve. He harasses and insults everyone here. Daily. He is most likely a paid “poster.” Or shill.
Again, welcome and thanks for the sincerity.


You are so disrespectful.


Yeah… the left would love for people to forget the failed past of the socialist dogma… Which is why our dear president is reluctant to call out ‘High friends in despicable places’…


Castro executed intellectuals by the thousands. Castro imprisoned hundreds of thousands for decades. Castro’s awful torturous prisons are still full of political prisoners. Life for ordinary Cubans is a government controlled nightmare that’s not much better from prison conditions. Castro created overcrowded and crumbling government housing. Castro has been rationing food for decades - 5 eggs a month!

Somebody explain to me why Western liberals worship this tyrant. It’s disgusting!


The workers paradise failed?

Is that why so many have fled the Cuba?


The left’s response:
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said this: “We join the people of Cuba today in mourning the loss of this remarkable leader”. Former UK Labour MP George Galloway actually said this: “You were the greatest man I ever met Comandante Fidel. You were the man of the century”. And UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said he was “a champion of social justice”!

The people’s paradise was in fact one large prison, displaying all the hallmarks of totalitarian Marxism. The fact that people have been attempting to flee Cuba for the past half century should be evidence enough of this place of misery. People were not dying to get into Cuba, but many thousands died trying to get out. It has been all one-way traffic.
But many on the left, and even the religious left, have sought to rewrite history and turn Cuba into some sort of worker’s paradise. They were quite happy to ignore all the political prisoners, the lack of basic human rights and freedoms, and the state-sponsored repression of any dissent.


Trump kills, 0: HITLER!
Castro kills, 1000s: REMARKABLE LEADER


@Zed - sometimes the simplest posts are the best.


Ok. He was a socialist dictator that this country could never support because he nationalized American businesses and imprisoned and killed many of his opponents. On the other hand, the American government had no problem propping up Fulgencio Batista with military and economic aid, the previous corrupt dictator who suspended the 1940 constitution, revoked most civil liberties, ended the union right to strike, allied himself with American sugar interests and imprisoned and killed up to 20,000 of his opponents. And when Batista fled the country in 1959 he was an obscenely rich man who left a nation with a much wider split between rich and poor and little of a middle class than when he assumed power in 1952.

Sounds to me our government did not serve America’s interests by actively supporting the former while trying to assassinate and depose the latter. Batista could never be persuaded to not be corrupt, but a carrot approach to Castro, the promise of free trade and an enhanced Cuban middle class just may have made him a non ally of the Soviet Union… and just may have made the catastrophic risk associated with the Cuban missile crisis unnecessary.


Dictatorships as they go can have varying degrees of success or failure. Was Castro perfect, no. Was he the worst on the planet, no. His predecessor was a greedy leader just like the Duvals in Haiti. What I find completely hypocritical about condemnation of Castro and justifying the embargo, the U.S. played footloose and fancy free with the USSR and China for as long as they wanted. You could get in bed with the mother and father but completely ostracize the child.

You go down to the Caribbean and bomb and invade a poor island, Grenada because the Cubans were building an airstrip. The whole damn island isn’t but about 14 sq. mi. The strip would not have been big enough to allow for huge air traffic. A take off point for planes to help with an invasion to the U.S. Yet this was the premise for a complete waste of time, money and not to mention lives lost by the local population. Oh, and the students at the semi accredited medical school feared for their lives.

I just find the hypocrisy astounding. Compared to American history and it’s atrocities to its own people, Americans should NEVER criticize anyone.


Exactly, Matt.

You may not agree with the following but in general I am ok with supporting certain Dictators under certain circumstances.

Dictators are ok as long as they are our Dictators.

And i’m personally ok with that.

Just say it like it is and not create some elaborate justification about it. We know s/he is bad but It serves our larger interests is all I need to hear.


If Kaepernick was protesting in Cuba: He would be beaten then shot.


Obama wouldn’t attend Maggie’s funeral. What’s the odds that he attends Fidels?

My remembrance of this bastard you ask? Anyone ever here of “duck and cover?” Sticking my head down between my legs and waiting for a missile so I could kiss my ass goodbye.

Burn in hell Fidel.



The left loves Fidel.



Oh give me a damn break with this right wing trash. Are you seriously going to post something that offensive claiming that Nelson Mandela was a terrorist! What the hell is wrong with you?