Fidel Castro is Dead


First of all, everything you have heard about Mandela is so far removed from what actually happened, that if you heard the truth your head would spin.

Everything you’ve ever seen or heard about Apartheid, South Africa, and Mandela is pure fiction made up and disseminated by the media to keep people in this country focused on fairytales.

They make Hollywood movies about Mandela and Apartheid and that becomes people’s version of reality.

See, what you do is, you completely replace reality. Every shred of it. You lie about everything, all the time, even things that make no sense or serve no purpose to lie. You lie anyway.

And that way, if somebody hears the truth on accident, it sounds completely incredulous.

Can’t be true. Gotta be bullshit. You make the truth sound like bullshit. That’s how the narrative of the left works.

Mandela was a marxist terrorist who got elected after the fall of apartheid. Shockingly, he is also one of the few Marxist terrorists not to go full dictator and full anti-white when he gained power, which is why he is considered a “great” man.

However, Mandela’s party, the ANC, has run South Africa so far into the ground with corruption, racism and failed socialist planning, that you have to wonder if it wouldn’t have been more magnanimous of him to genocide everyone at the start and get it over with.