First Details of the Memo's Contents



Context. Let’s see the rebuttals.


I read this and thought…yeah…not so much of a big deal because I pretty much knew all of this already. Then it dawned on me. Everything that we knew to be true has just been validated. Now the mainstream media will have to report on it and can’t simply dismiss it as “wild conspiracy” and redirect back to the Mueller investigation.


Don’t worry your DNC employers will leak their phony garbage.


I just finished reading “the memo” and it is weak tea. Much text is spent repeating that Democratic money funded the investigation and that this is a material fact that was withheld from the FISA court. Then there is some handwaving about Steele and the wife of a FBI official who was employed by FusionGPS and that both individuals had low regard for Trump. Nothing more than handwringing. I’m surprised that some of you think this is a big deal. It’s literally nothing.


The rebuttals mean nothing without the back up to prove it.


It’s difficult or impossible for monte to say, I was wrong.

Sorry but you cannot count the number of pro-Mueller posts as there are far to many and you don’t have enough time in the day,


Comey just can’t help himself.


Why the F would it matter who wrote it as long as it was true and accurate !!! OMG how do you continually miss the F-ing point !!! Try reading it slower next time …WTF SHRUG :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


I wonder if Steele will face criminal charges, having been shown to be desperate to keep Trump out of office, then passing on the Pissgate Dossier to the DoJ.


Without the dossier there are no warrants.


This has got to be the best tweet so far about the memo. Thanks for the laughs Pelosi.

Pelosi Is An Idiot


And of course without the warrant their would be no ‘wiretaps’

And without those ‘wiretaps’ no one at the White House would have been able to unmask peoples names

And without the names the NYTimes and WashPo wouldn’t have had a years worth of stories from ‘unnamed’ sources.

And without all of that… their would be no special council.

And without the special council their would be no spurious indictments

And without all of that… the left would have to actually talk about the fact that they are dead broke and have no viable candidate to replace Obama…

But then again… without all of that, we might not be turning over the trail of rocks that seem to go all the way to the Obama oval office…:joy::+1:t2::wink:

Oh Yeah… I almost forgot… and without all of this kerfluffle, their might not ever be a pending IG’s report over the Clinton E-mail investigation…


You just got to love this handwringing… … By not protecting sources and methods… you mean the FBI that paid Steel as an informant who produced shit information and should have been fired BEFORE the Page FISA warrant was even issued… Whooohooo… should less about methods and more about the antics of the keystone cops…


Releasing the memo is working out so well isn’t it. Dow plunges 600 points – worst week in 2 years. You can thank Trump for losing a ton of money. That’s all you repugs and conservatards care about.


Well, the markets don’t like corruption and when government can’t police itself, sometimes the people have to get involved. The memo was clear and it has been said many times that both the DOJ and the FBI have stonewalled attempts to get information. We saw the opening salvo in an attempt to clean up the government. By all means, carry on with, what is IMHO, a character assassination of Trump but lets weed out all the rest of the people who will play fast and loose with the law just to get a conviction and protect themselves. This may go all the way to Obama and if it does I am sad for America for it, but if it does, I hope it serves as a warning to future administrations that their are rules…


When did people on public assistance start giving a shit about the market?

I find this language offensive. It makes me feel unsafe. Please check your privilege.


But of course the never stated fact is that the Dow is up STILL over 40% for the year… Thank Trump for helping you make a TON of money… besides… if, after a rise like we have seen, you don’t expect corrections… you are living in the land of the enchanted…


The markets thrive on corruption. Do you even remember the housing crisis? Bankers made a fortune breaking the backs of Americans with the help of Little Bush and his deregulation. Then the bankers got what they always knew they would get - bailouts. The markets are finally taking advantage of the economic conditions that Obama created and the only reason so many records are being set under Trump is because when it crashes they bankers know Trump will bail them out just like little Bush.

Some are less fortunate than others financially. That has nothing to do with being informed. I want a lot of wealth to be created in this country, because when the time is right it can be used to help the less fortunate.

You’re right. I shouldn’t have said that. It disrespects those with a disability. I am sorry for doing so. I should have just called you all racist nationalists.


I sexually identify as black Hitler. Black people can’t be racist so please fix this.