First Details of the Memo's Contents


Well… I think you can actually attribute all of these bubbles to the easy money policies of the FED. As far as the markets taking advantage of an Obama recovery, keep in mind that the fed did Obama tremendous favors by not raising interest rate for his entire presidency… Trump gets the pleasure of paying the extra debt service of a $100bn a year. As far as bail outs go, I don’t know if he wouldn’t tell them to go to the same Chapter 7 courts he himself has been required to go to.

For some this is the only purpose for a hard working, industrious, risk taking business person… However the emperor has no cloths with regard to charity and community building… we saw that from the high tax states when Trump cut their government support off at the knees… and progressives have harped on about Red states :roll_eyes:


This is a really great point @FiredUpDem and I have some good news for you.

Comey, Yates, Clinton, and Obama are all very wealthy people.

This memo is about to kick off a much larger investigation into their actions. When they finally get hauled off to prison they won’t need all of their money. Maybe you should write them a letter now and ask for it. You should also ask them why they haven’t redistributed their own wealth already.


I think it quite prudent that investors be concerned about the breakdown of law and order on full display caused by the Obama DOJ, FBI, and their use of the FISA court.

The premium being paid for US domestic stocks (domestic PE average over 30 vs global PE of around 12) is largely based on our unbiased judicial system.

Until now. Thank you DNC, Comey and gang.


Does anyone remember WJC s part in the housing crisis??? He6 helped to make sure mortgages were available to people who couldn’t afford them in the first place.
As far as TREASONOUS ACTS with the DOJ and FBI, Let them eat cake, bring back the guillotine and Off with their Heads.


This is way more serious than the Watergate, which was a take down of the last patriotic president of the USA before Trump by the deep state.

Funny to see how hard the MSM is spinning the whole thing…they are trying to make Trump look like the bad guy here…unbelievable.


The point is that the Dossier which was not verified was used for a FISA warrant as well as for renewals.

And if it were revealed the dossier was a product of the DNC, think the judge would have issued the FISA warrant.


Now I’m pleased that McCain didn’t die from his brain tumor. There’s still hope that rotten old traitor gets prosecuted, jailed, and his name trashed forever.


Another financial genus . :wink: Do ya think the interest rates may have a little to do with the drop ? :roll_eyes: shrug !



This will go nowhere fast. The Democrat-Marxist Party and they’re media will simply do two things, deny and ignore. Trump is far too cucked to demand any type of legal action, and God knows Sessions won’t do a damn thing even resembling his duty or his job. Mueller and his company of drooling shysters wern’t placed in their position as Grand Inquisitors to come up with anything less than Obstruction Of Justice charges against Trump and his son. In a few days or less we will have another Vegas false flag op,(or worse), to erase this minor embarrassment from the news cycle and from the sorry, miniscule minds of 80%+ of all Americans. In the end it will amount to nothing, as pre-agreed to, and we will still be fighting and dying in this country within the next 2 to 3 years. The Globalist Marxist situation has been allowed to deteriorate far beyond any possibility of any other outcome besides the fire.


The guy just needs to retire.

He’s beyond senile. In the same league as nancy pelosi.


Hate to say it but you’re probably right.

By their inability to root out corruption a certain phrase in the Declaration of Independence will legitimize actions to come.


If you are a caregiver for a disabled person, you can be forgiven for knowing little of how markets work. The DOW plunge today was on news that interest rates will be rising this year. While uncertainty in the public sphere often affects the market, interest rate hikes always do.


Depends on the judge- if it was an Obama appointee, probably; the left has always seen the ends as justifying the means.


Seems that the guy who wrote the Yahoo article was shocked that his work was used to justify the FISA warrant.

Investigative journalist Michael Isikoff said Friday that he was surprised to find out that an article he wrote about Carter Page prior to the election was used to obtain a spy warrant against the former Trump campaign adviser.

The revelation, which was made in a memo released by the House Intelligence Committee on Friday, “stuns me,” Isikoff said in an episode of his podcast, “Skullduggery.”


My employer??? Anyway, how do you KNOW that it’s garbage?? Also,Ryan’s going to allow its release, no need for leaks. The GOP memo doesn’t require the underlying material support but the democratic rebuttal does???


That’s why you need to wait for the rebuttals which the democrats claim supply evidence presented to the FISA court other than that and a Yahoo news report. According to the other side of the story, what’s quoted of McCabe is an incomplete comments on the subject, lifted out of context, thus the omissions which create a misleading statement as the DOJ/FBI claimed.


Could be coincidental timing…


Lol, you describe a human characteristic and try to attach it to a single discipline. Found all over the world.


The interesting thing is little is known about the FISA court.

How many people sit on the court, who they are who appointed them

Our government is full of secrets.