First Details of the Memo's Contents


Well… Unless it is a lie that the dossiers ‘corroborated’ by the yahoo article WASN’T the resources used for the FISA warrant, then McCabe’s own words under oath that they wouldn’t have gotten the FISA warrant without it seems to be plenty in that regard and given that the information provide for the dossiers and the Yahoo article came from the same person… not much else is needed here… now the rebuttal might need some ‘extra’ detail to derail this bit of … ‘constitutional crisis’ creating trivia.


Soooo… your saying that we should just … auh… ‘Shrug’ at the blatant attempt to trash due process and the rule of law in favor ‘By any means necessary’?


Not to fear I expect the leaked response is waiting until this afternoon to be released for consumption by the MSM Sunday talk shows ! The fact that every player in this investigation has their has their name on the warrant application .


Ryan says he’s going to release it, why the need for leaks?


He will leak what he wants with no oversight from justice the FBI congress or the White House .
Its the way lib’s work we only have to look at James Comey to see how they work !


What say we actually start talking about and investigation the real obstruction that seems to be going on in Washington… we have seen pretty vividly where their just might be a big stack of collusion… And more and more it looks like they reside in the same places…


Who Ryan? Ryan has already declared that the memo “does NOT indict the FBI, does NOT indict the DOJ, does NOT impugn the integrity of the Mueller investigation.



You misinterpret his words (but that is nothing new) The entire FBI organization is not indicted for the bad work of a very few people. Nor does it say the entire DOJ is corrupt because of the decision of a few, even if they happen to be the leadership… they might indict some of the individual of these organizations because of the findings in this memo… but not the complete organizations… As far as the Mueller investigation… the memo says nothing about the work Mueller has done… I.E. Mueller within his mandate as done nothing wrong nor is the information he has assembled harmed by this memo. Now, the legitimacy of appointing a Special Council in the first place might be called into question… but that would be on Rosenstein, not Mueller…


The investigation was begun several months before the warrant for surveillance on Page, when they began surveillance on Papadopolous. Furthermore, they must be renewed regularly which is only possible if surveillance is bearing fruit. This happened multiple times.


I think that you give far to much faith in a system that presented bogus reasons for the first FISA warrant and I wouldn’t say that it could ONLY be continued if it was bearing fruit… it just needs to be sold as ‘We need more time’ and of course ‘we have caught them in communications… with the Russkies’…


Adam Schiff the head lib on the Intelligence Committee or one of his lemming will leak their memo soon as they find one . Adam Schiff who seem conflicted with what’s in the memo one day it a danger to the Republic the day after the release not so much !
"On Monday, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) moved to release a memo written by his staff that cherry-picks facts, ignores others and smears the FBI and the Justice Department — all while potentially revealing intelligence sources and methods."

The very next day it was a nothing burger !
Schiff included a letter he sent to Nunes saying that because the memo sent to the White House was “materially different” from the one the Committee voted on, they “must hold a new vote to release to the public its modified document.”
Not so fast, Congressman. This looks to me like a legal nothingburger.
The process of House disclosure of classified information is clearly outlined in the House rules.


Why should it have to be leaked, when Ryan said he wants it out too. He should have allowed it out concurrently but that’s just part of his partisan attack on FBI/DOJ. Also, as the underlying support material for either memos will remain classified, we still have a very unclear picture of the truth.


There’s definitely no “deeper than Watergate” as Hannity was spitting out all week. Lmao.


And yet you put forth very strong objections to what has been presented… Do you have a copy of something we haven’t been privy to?

I base my opinions on what I have read… subject to new information… and I see an egregious betrayal of the 4th amendment by people who used our agencies in a very improper way… I see that some of those people work for the agencies themselves… I haven’t however put forth the idea that Obama actually has his finger prints on any of this… yet.


You are assuming Adam Schiff want the truth released to the tax payers that paid for the investigation .
I think Adam Schiff and the rest of the progressive movement want anything but the truth reveled at this point .
Adam Schiff will leak his memo because in doing so he will bypass the over site of the Intelligence Committee the FBI the Department of Justice and the President that is why . He will leak lies innuendo half truths and hear say that why it will leak ! Its the democratic way .


I’m not certain that either side has an interest in the truth, but they both have their memos, though in a very partisan fashion, the republican controlled house only released one side, while they seek for it to do intended damage as they drag their feet on the release of the opposing view.


Elections have consequences .
The libs are dragging there feet on everything related to governing .
What goes around comes around !


Talk about dragging feet… Schumer the great is holding up a perfectly acceptable nominee for Federal Railroad Administration over some tunnel funding… While we have THREE fatal train wrecks in 2 months… kind of like the hold out over DACA…


It’ll be alright. I think they vote on its release tomorrow, besides, other than the TIC and Hannity, everyone’s pretty well calming down. Ryan said that the memo doesn’t indict the FBI or DOJ, he acknowledged that the memo did nothing to impugned Mueller or his investigation, though he forgot to tell Trump that, and Trey Gowdy has now also declared that the memo hasn’t any bearing on the Mueller investigation. So it was Hannity, who said this event was bigger then Watergate, and the TIC said it exonerated him. Lol, nobody else has claimed that.