First Details of the Memo's Contents


And I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that you were out playing all weekend and not paying any attention to the news. It’s now clear that congressional Republicans on the intelligence committee conspired to produce a hyper partisan memo that cherry picked information from the underlying testimony, omitted information that would be damaging to the narrative, lifted testimony out of its context, as is the case with your statement which I just quoted, all in an attempt to deceive the American public, and of course Sean Hannity put it on steroids which if there was any remaining doubt about him, has left him completely illegitimate.


Could you give some source to your talking points… I tend to believe that you get them from VOX and would like to read them in context…


Says WHO ? There is nothing less clear then this fantasy of a an investigation . Where all the key players should be removed because they ALL at one time or another participated in this fraud . Every fucking one of them from Muller to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein . Sessions is the only one who has removed him self from the investigation to date and it is clear anyone that had a part in the process need’s to join him !!!


Well you may return to your slumber and continue dreaming.


You notice how rapidly the nevertrumper left is now totally discarding the Dossiers… It has become radioactive… now they hang their hopes on Papadopoulos but I’m thinking that further digging into that is likely to see cracks in that story as well… while all of this is entertaining, it is getting very boring… the only thing that is good about all of this turmoil is going to dig deeper into inter-agency functions, perhaps put some deserving people in jail… and maybe give congress a renewed respect for a job that they seem to have forgotten… oversight…


What this is revealing are agencies run outside of the purview of the citizens they are reportedly to serve .


The memo fell as a thud and revealed no such thing.


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I know it’s hard to comprehend anything going on around a person when they insist on keeping their head stuck in the ground .
But ask your self WHY the libs were so firm in there opposition to the release of the memo !
Not one lib voted to release the GOP memo but all the GOP members voted for the release of the lib’s document . SMOKE and MIRRORS are what we are going to get from the lib’s !


Aren’t you tired of hiding in the dark of denial ?
The truth is there if you will just open your eyes !


Are your sure you read the right memo because you description of it matches every MSM leaked story from lib’s for the better part of two years !


Though it rather backfired on them, they met their objective by getting theirs out alone. Remember they voted against releasing the Dems memo before they voted for it. :wink:


On the Sunday talk circuit, even Republicans like Trey Gowdy spent their morning stepping back from the memo and dismissing it’s importance. The whole affair turns out to be nothing but another in a line of embarrassments for Trump, and Nunes, and the party as a whole. Rather than damaging the reputation of the FBI and DOJ, as designed, it showcased the ugliness of Trump’s tactics. Far from “totally vindicating” Trump, the memo acts as a fresh indictment of Trump and Nunes and undercuts any case they were hoping to make. Far from making it clear that the basis of the investigation was the Steele “dossier,” the memo made it clear that it wasn’t.


Where’s the truth at, in the Nunes memo?


Oxymoron Rep. Adam Schiff = Intelligence Committee

The reason for the delay .

The GOP-led House Intelligence Committee blocked the release of the Democratic memo at last week’s committee meeting, saying members had just been presented with the document, instead moving forward with the four-page Nunes memo that now has been declassified after Trump agreed to its release Friday.

The panel did, however, agree last week to let the full House review the Schiff memo in a classified setting. Republicans leaving the closed-door meeting on Monday said they support its release, which is now in the hands of the White House.


Nunes is on that committee as well. Anyway, they had it plenty long enough though only a few republicans bothered to read it.


Beans source that ! Every GOP member on the committee read the 10 page document chuckled and passed it on !


Yep, think the TIC will release it? Think he’ll release it unmolested?


Ill tell you what I think ! I think the lib’s have a 10 page document because there are parts of the 10 that can’t be released to the public . Knowing that the lawyers from the agency’s involved will eradicate the offending parts the lib’s will do what they do best !!! Whine


Rumor has it that Schiff left deliberately provocative language in it forcing Trump to have to redact and making it look like he is hiding something. Wouldn’t put it past Schifty but I think Trump has called Rosenstein to the WH for corroboration…