First US Sex Robot Brothel Will Soon Open in Texas

If you want to be the next SCOTUS, you better rethink your approach to women.

A ‘sex doll’ brothel is set to open in Texas this month. The plans have caused outage amongst locals who say it will ruin their neighborhood.

The company, KinkySdollS, opened its first brothel in Toronto last year. Half an hour alone with a doll costs approximately $60.

The dolls cost about $2500 to buy outright. Founder of KinkySdollS says he has plans to open at least 10 sex robot brothels throughout the US by 2020.

Locals protest sex robot brothel

Activists have started a petition titled “Keep Robot Brothels Out Of Houston.” opposing the plan. To date, they have more than 6,500 signatures.

“As a nonprofit whose mission is to end sex trafficking we have seen the progression as sex buyers go from pornography to strip clubs to purchasing sex—robot brothels will ultimately harm men, their understanding of healthy sexuality, and increase the demand for the prostitution and sexual exploitation of women and children,” the petition states.

Residents are also opposed to the plan, some say the brothel is also a showroom for the sex robots where potential customers can go and try the dolls before they buy. “There’s kids around here and it’s a family-oriented neighborhood and I live right here and to have that here is just gross,” local resident Andrea Paul told KTRK.

Limited regulation around sex doll commercialization

According to city officials, an address is not yet known for the location of the brothel. There are limited regulations around the opening of sex robot brothels and activists are calling on lawmakers to take immediate action.

“I can buy two or three or four of these on the Internet and in Washington, D.C., or New York, or anywhere I want, I can set them up and charge people $100 an hour to use them,” John Banzhaf, a law professor at George Washington University, told the Examiner.

KinkySdollS markets themselves as service providers for people looking for a companion. Their Facebook page describes their Love Doll’s goal is to ‘provide intense pleasure just like any other ordinary woman.’

KinkySdollS is not the only sex dolls brothel operator out there. Aura Dolls claims they were the first to open a sex doll brother in North America.

Their brothel in Toronto offers lifelike silicone dolls for $90CAD for half an hour. While many are concerned that silicone sex dolls will provide new ways for men to unleash violent fantasies against women as well as breed potentially increase misogyny.

Sex dolls invented by Dutch sailors in 17th C

Others believe the rise of sex doll prostitution will open up new ways to discuss sex work, particularly the danger involved for women in the industry at present.

Sex dolls have been around since the seventeenth century when Dutch sailors reportedly created masturbatory aids from old clothes in the shape of women.

The Dutch apparently sold some of these first sex dolls to the Japanese during the Rangiku period. Some Japanese sex dolls still carry the nickname “Dutch wives”.

Recent improvements in silicone manufacturing has created a whole new industry of hyper-real sex dolls in both male and female form.

They make male robot sex dolls too. Has nothing to do with treatment of women.

I personally wouldn’t care if they opened such a place down the street from me, but if I ever saw any of my buddies parked out front, rest assured the WHOLE WORLD would know :rofl:

Reminds me of an old girlfriend. I once thought I had hurt her during sex…when I felt her move.

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My point was, sex robots dont make sexual assault accusation.

They can make videotapes of their clients which is why they won’t catch on.

I’m worried about when they start demanding equil rights…

It will be the femibot movement…:laughing:


If youre rich enough to worry about having your sex tape recorded, you can probably afford a sex robot.

Although this subject sickens me to the core, I’m strangely curious to see if the vast majority of the opposition and protest is coming from so called ‘liberals’ and ‘feminists’ rather than conservatives.

If the majority of the protest is coming from feminists, it would be super revealing.

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And no more of …………………:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:



…as it would be indicative of their fear of decreased likelihood of being assaulted.

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No…it completely removes their power. If men all of a sudden stopped putting up with much of the shit that women pull just to get laid and opted to bang a sex robot then women would quickly need to change their behavior if they wanted to attract men. While this sex robot revolution is degenerate, it is also very useful.

Once artificial wombs are perfected women will become even more useless. No one needs a screeching feminist when they can have a sex robot and an artificial womb and never have to deal with any of it.

Women are not useless. Not all women are feminist. You generalized entirely too much here.

I agree. Not all women are useless. The ones who have embraced their role as women are wonderful.

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I see there being a huge problem with this. The losers who have to have sex with a robot will essentially look at women in this way, as something to just stick their dick in. " You can see where this is going". They will probably end up like Ted bundy and only like to have sex with passed out or dead women. They will lose all respect for women in general. At least with a prostitute you have mutual human interaction and reaction and still have to abide by whatever limits she gives you.

I just don’t get it…There are sooooo many women out there, why fuck a robot. This is pathetic…

You aren’t in your 20s. It’s either Tinder or nothing. All you find on Tinder are sluts. It’s impossible to find decent girls because the majority have shifted to the Tinder way of dating which is absolute shit.

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I have put on many miles in life; and have certainly had my share of women in spades. I have no hangups, no need for a feckin robot.

What if you wanted to have a robo-orgy…:thinking:

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What if it malfunctioned and you got shrapnel in your …

I reckon this is degenerate, but tbh, I’d consider visiting a prostitute to be on an equal footing with a visit to a sex robot. I’d do neither. However, at least if you went for the robot, you could kinda claim that you helped get prostitutes off the streets by destroying their market.

I don’t see prostitution as a healthy market. I’ve seen some people use the support of this market as a reason not to allow robot brothels, but the argument is lacking for me.

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I don’t see what the big deal is about these things. They aren’t really even robots. They are just a life size pocket pussy with silicone tits and a wig. No big deal.

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