Florida Parkland Shooting: Liberal Gun Control Ideas are Worthless


Quote me on one post where I said that.


You too want to run that Sherrif out of town, don’t you??


Man…you just got fucked up. Go back to reddit, or shareblue, or wherever else you are getting you lefty talking points from and ask for today’s latest batch. Looking more and more foolish with each post.


You oppose the voices that are demanding the Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel be FIRED???


Come on shill - let’s go back to what you just posted.


Your post ! Yawn !!

“DACA recipient. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program gives people who were brought into the United States as young children temporary authorization to remain legally and DACA recipients are often referred to as Dreamers after proposed legislation.”


Just wait Stevie John can come up with even slimier remarks ! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Perhaps you should look in the mirror. And try debating without name calling fellow posters like an adolescent, hmm??


Perhaps you should get your shill talking points right before posting shit that was BTFO all over the news yesterday. I love watching you try to shift the discussion though. Salty?


How can someone debate an uninformed clueless troll who rarely stays on topic and suffers from TDS ? shrug


The FBI admitted it did not follow proper protocol as the information was not provided to the Miami field office and “no further investigation was conducted at the time.”


A bit hypocritical as you cannot refrain from calling Trump names.

Trump is the racetrack rabbit that keeps the left running in a perpetual cycle of outrage.


I think you have issues with name calling fellow posters. Learn to address others with respect. Call Obama names all you want, he’s a public figure. But name calling fellow posters violates forum rules. Perhaps you should refresh yourself with them.


You give respect you get respect.

There’s no difference except in your mind calling Trump names or fellow posters names. Trying losing the name calling and the respect will follow.


Looks like the TIC’s FBI admits dropping the ball on Nicholas Cruz. :wink:


If he would lose the hateful comments he would probably get a better response.

But then again he’s here to piss people off. His idea of debate is based on his opinion without facts.


@LouMan flag his post above. We only need 3.


Lol, the party of free speech. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: What a bunch of frauds, can’t stand the truth. All mass murders in our schools have been committed by white male US citizens. Want to censor this post too. Go right ahead and prove the point that free speech is only speech that the hypocrites like.


You want free speech? Ok, let’s have it.

Every single one of your posts on this thread is nothing but opinionated bullshit. You don’t source anything. You sit there at your keyboard and pound out all of these completely absurd posts about white shooters. The shooter in this case wasn’t even white. There goes your argument. Up in smoke. You’ve labeled anyone who disagrees with you as supporting mass murderers and killers of children. On other post you’ve consistently made statements that white people are the problem in this country. When you get a reaction out of somebody you then complain and whine that people are being mean to you. I’m good with having free speech and unfiltered discussion. If you want to actually have a discussion and not be a little bitch about it then let’s go for it. Otherwise, all you’re doing shitting all over threads and you fucking ignore people. How many people respond to you and you don’t respond back. By my count I have at least six to eight. So why don’t you stop being a little bitch, source your claims, and if you can’t take it then don’t run your mouth.


My opinion is as valuable as yours, deal with it or ignore it, but stop censoring mine just because you have the echo chamber numbers to do so. It’s WEAK!!!