Florida Parkland Shooting: Liberal Gun Control Ideas are Worthless


What??? I totally understand that, what are you talking about?


The only mystery that remains is, when will the next mass murder in America occur, where will it occur and how many will be murdered? A Murdoch owned news paper (the NYP) headlined a mother who lost a daughter at the Parkland MASS MURDER, Mr president, we need action!!!


In response to morons on FAUX news claiming that this has nothing to do with guns, a teenager from parklands Douglas high school tweeted, yesterday I was hiding in a closet, this has everything to do with guns!!!


You do understand that 43 percentage of the homes in America today admit to having at least one firearm in their home !
I don’t think it is beyond reason to think that another fifteen or twenty percent have arm and for various reasons are not telling the government .

Almost none are going to see thing the way you do !


Clarification, and liberals may accept that reality if they are single shot only and not semi automatic.

AR 15’s look scary and look like a M-16 so they will never be acceptable.


Want to ban the .237 round too???


How do you see that happening?


True, and declining…


I don’t know that I do see that happening. But it has happened most recently in Australia with citizen participation and Australia didn’t become a police state.


About one million guns were surrendered. Since then, there has been an increase in registered gun owners, an increase in imported guns basically equalling the number owned pre-surrender, and crime has dropped. After a decade, not much changed, and they did not have a 2nd Amendment.
US has a legal protection, and a lot more guns. Why go through what a surrender ban would cost just to end up where you started.


Just a couple months ago.


The whole post says more then half a post !
A little honesty goes a long way .
I don’t think it is beyond reason to think that another fifteen or twenty percent have arms and for various reasons are not telling the government .

Almost none are going to see thing the way you do !


Well yeah sure, not everybody turned in their guns. We know there were nut jobs that buried them etc., what’s your point.


Confiscation is what Australia government did to their citizens not unlike the British government !
We live in America with a Constitution and the Bill of Rights a Republic one nation under God with Liberty and Justice for all not a Parliament !
Never going to happen here !!


I disagree with that. But concerning Australia, nothing was done to them. It was a popular move with overwhelming citizen participation.


Well, that is good that they got 30000 unwanted guns out of circulation… if you no longer want them, selling them isn’t an option… I would dare say however that it didn’t remove one gun from the waistband of an individual who shouldn’t never have had one in the first place.


They got a real winner here… a high capacity assault pistol from the 1800’s


Now that would be a neat trick especially if the state has a make my day law.


Yowza, a lot of posts; back to the op… I have this problem with the AR - regardless of popularity. The rounds it fires: it is a semi automatic which is not a particular issue, but- the rounds it fires are by design or by chance imbalanced front to back such that upon entering a body, they spin, break apart, and one round effectively becomes several. I have heard infantymen mention that they never saw anyone survive a torso shot from an AR or M-16. A .22 would have caused some deaths,but these are specifically designed to ensure a kill-shot every single time.

The other problem I have with the NRA is that there is no conceivably rational reason to object to background checks even for private sales. There is paperwork to sell a car (release of liability etc.), and while there is no background check- and a car can kill you, it is designed to get you from point A to point B. An AR is designed from the ground up to kill humans.


I’m not sure I follow your logic… I would insist on a bill of sale with the serial number of the firearm I purchased and if I as a private owner was selling a gun, I would insist that the purchaser sign a piece of paper stating the date and time he/she took possession of that serial number… The difference is, I would not file that piece of paper with the ATF. I sold a few of my late fathers firearms to a cop… we agreed on a price and I told him I would be right back… I printed a bill of sale with description and serial numbers and a place for him to put is name (I saw his police ID, His signature and the hand written time and date. He was surprised but understood… it was as much for his protection as it was mine…

I think most people who belong to the NRA are generally supportive of background checks although more often than not, background checks wouldn’t have prevented the crime. Their is much suspicion about who and how such a database is controlled. We are seeing some rather acute evidence that agencies play favorites. Combine gun sale receipts, background checks and the IRS and you have a fair idea where every gun is in America…

The second amendment was designed to be the ultimate protector of all the rest of our liberties… we can see that many want that remaining bit of power removed from the hands of the last armed civilian population on the planet…


Confiscation Confiscation Confiscation Confiscation The citizens had no choice it was confiscation and it will never happen here !