Well of all things Russian Mueller Charged Flynn with count of making false statements to the FBI and is scheduled to enter a plea Friday morning. When will Mueller get to the REAL Russian collusion and Hillary ???


So they have nothing on Flynn about “collusion” so they charge him with some bullshit.


Michael Flynn should have just shot someone with a gun he claimed he found and said it was an accident. Then he’d be fine.


Yeah…about those false statements. Wonder if Hillary will be charged as well? Probably not.


Yep !! Millions of dollars chasing their tail , time to charge Hillary !!! Mueller is a phony the likes of Stevie John !


The guy was with the Trump team for less than a month and Mueller thinks he is the big fish caught in his net . :laughing:


The evidence collected by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) during its investigation of Secretary Clinton’s use of a personal email system during her time as Secretary of State appears to directly contradict several aspects of her sworn testimony, SHE LIED !!!


Liberals: A young woman is shot and killed by an illegal felon.

Slap on the wrist. Throws him a parade. Cheeto monster Drumpf is worse!

Liberals: Michael Flynn lied once to the FBI.

Death penalty! Trump is guilty! Muh Russia!


So he got charged for doing no more than he got fired for… :roll_eyes: I am sure he did this to evade some tax legalities. This ties Mueller’s charge closer to the original mandate of Trump/Russia but doesn’t add much credibility to the accusations…


Your right ! Hell why the need for months of investigating and spending taxpayers dollar ? When will we get to investigating how Weiner got classified documents from Hillary’s server ? I don’t think they were yoga and grandma stuff ! :wink:


As long as there is no intent, no crime.



How many of our tax dollars were thrown down the drain for this? If this is all that Mueller can come up with, when real political criminals are relaxing with their feet up in their mansions plotting how they’re going to screw over the American people even more, then it’s time for sessions to do his goddamn job and kick this rotten son-of-a-bitch to the curb.


This is HIS plea deal. Lying to the FBI - after the inauguration.

Expect a twitter tantrum from the Toddler in Chief

Many are saying this is not a surprise to the WH, and this explains a lot of the erratic behavior of Trump over the past few days.


Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton finally forced the FBI to release documents related to the Clinton / Lynch tarmac meeting… Unsurprisingly the very slow in releasing any information… in fact they first said that they didn’t have anything but now it sees we know why they didn’t want to disclose what they had.

It wasn’t the meeting that bothered them… it was the ability to shut down the narrative about the meeting. And the reason they didn’t want to disclose any documents is because they show the FBI’s push to shut it down…

If Comey went to these lengths to kill this story, one can only imagine the paper trail to a Hillary coverup…


I am sure this is not a surprise, but it does not diminish its significance, no?

My take is that Flynn is privy to much of the bad stuff in the early days and whether or not the WH knew it was coming, that his plea deal (and the very fact of its public announcement) is a big deal.

What I am trying to discern is just how big of a deal…because my instinct that this is the start of the real crumbling of the edifice of this administration, and I want a level set on that.


Yet we allow Obama to spy on 5,000,000 Americas and multiple World leaders , tap the phones of opposing candidates , give a TERRORIST Country $150,000,000,000 taxpayer dollars ,Illegally put thousands of guns into hands of criminals , use the IRS as a weapon against conservatives , and unmask Americans based on a total fabricated LIE !


I think you are correct. I think this is a significant turn. Not unexpected but I am glad to see it finally happening.


Compared to the Clinton’s , it’s a non event !!!


:laughing::laughing::laughing: Dumb and dumber … :laughing:


Please, If Mueller had charged Flynn for not declaring an agency or failure to report income from years ago, he would immediately be denounced as having exceeded his mandate which was Trump/Russia ‘Interference’ in the election. By giving Flynn a pass on those old charges and hyping the lying charge, it directly relates, how ever spuriously, to the true investigation… but yields nothing…

I now that you are hoping against hope that this ‘blows up’ the current administration but I think it is more about taking heat off the past one that you are concerned about…