Did you get that BS from CNN ? :laughing:


There that’s closer to the truth , something liberals are lacking these days ! :roll_eyes:


What??? What is this suppose to mean?


I think that @Dani is trying to somehow link Trumps taxes and … money laundering… and and and to selling children or something. It is clear that those who do not like Trump as creative in their approaches to getting rid of him…


Shrug. :laughing: She reads CNN so you think alike .:laughing: Shrug. :laughing: Shrug. :wink: quack ,quack …


This is major factor in Mueller’s Investigation, though it’s not entrapment.


Trumps twitter obsession always getting him in trouble:

Donald J. Trump
I had to fire General Flynn because he lied to the Vice President and the FBI. He has pled guilty to those lies. It is a shame because his actions during the transition were lawful. There was nothing to hide!
10:14 AM - Dec 2, 2017
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Canny minds—those with two still-connected neurons—immediately pointed out that Trump had just confessed to obstruction. He knew Flynn was guilty and not only covered it up, but tried to stop the FBI from looking further.

So the attorneys have to constantly watch Trump’s twitter feed so that they can do immediate damage control. Then his attorney said that he wrote the tweet using Trump’s account, eye roll. Only those interested in protecting the TIC will say they believe that but nobody will actually believe it. Trump must feel like a little child every time they pull him aside and point to the hole in his foot after another stupid tweet. :joy::joy:

But it wouldn’t matter anyway:


You can take him at his word or you can believe that he is just falling on his sword for a tweet contrived strictly by Trump. While I don’t use twitter, it would seem to me, someone who has a problem with succinct writing at times, 121 characters can create an environment for poorly constructed wording. I certainly saw immediately the same thing that so many others but it is easy enough to mean exactly what it said but word it improperly.


FBI agent, Peter Strzok, and the pack of Hillary supports made it crystal clear what a witch hunt this shame is turning out to be . We need honest unbiased investigators that don’t have an agenda and corrupt motives ! Mueller’s team is poisoned and totally incapable of fairness , it’s time to shut it down !



I can agree with that. I really wanted Mueller to be a stand-up guy… go look at the evidence and find actual collusion with the Russians, which by all accounts from the media for the last 18 months should not have been all that difficult to do… but alas, Mueller is just a political hitman staffed with people who have no real desire to follow the evidence because I ‘don’t think’ that the Mueller crew has mentioned Fusion GPS yet.


The fact Mueller is so entangled with Comey and all the Hillary corruption there could be no other outcome . It’s about covering for the cartel at this point .


Mueller hasn’t given a single press conference, and nobody knows with any certainty what he’s compiled. This is an ongoing investigation.


Perhaps for you. But Mueller’s running the investigation not the media.


Are you sure this isn’t a case of the tail wagging the dog… I mean, the media’s highly prized investigative reporter have been on the case far longer than Mueller. As a matter of fact, I really don’t think a special council would have ever been named had it not been for the media… and ANTIFA… and BLM… and disgruntled Hillary and Bernie supporters.


You speak as though Flynn is the singular focus of Mueller’s investigation. There’s plenty of other focus.


And YOU Stevie John speak as though Mueller is actually conducting an investigation and not a SHAM !! SCRUG , QUACK ,QUACK … :laughing:


It Just Keeps Getting Better And Better

Fine Upstanding… none partisan premier law enforcement… Yeah…


Actually, there’s been subtle threats from time to time on this board concerning that eventuality, I don’t think the BOD’s will go quietly. :wink:


You want independents, you have them. You don’t like Trump @FiredUpDem doesn’t like Trump, Ryan doesn’t like Trump, Mueller definitely doesn’t like Trump… I would appear that the only little band of brothers who do is the ‘BODs’… so whats not independent about that?:grin: Oh, you mean that its not YOUR kind of independent.