On its face this sounds like a pretty weak charge. For all the stuff we know he did, FARA, conspiracy to commit kidnapping, the list would be long.

My guess is its like Papadopolous who had pretty weak charges brought against him. It means only one thing to me: he gave Mueller someone higher up the ladder.


Significant Turn? This is precisely what he got fired for… nothing more. The only difference is lying to a cop or to your boss…


Hillary perhaps ? :wink:


Oh PLEASE! Wake up already!

No. Now, the question really becomes does Mueller have a surprise for everyone later today?

And, I think the Republicans have waited too long to go after Trump. Any kind of action against the administration will take time to play out. And so will the rest of Mueller’s investigation. My guess is that they have Trump hanging around their neck, as well as an unpopular bill come November. Just a wait and see.


I think Flynn needs a theme song, don’t you?


When the FBI can’t find a crime to charge you for they get you for lying to the FBI !
The feds identify some fact that they can prove. It need not be inherently incriminating; it might be whether you were at a particular meeting, or whether you talked to someone about the existence of the investigation. then government’s chickenshit false statement trap works — even though the government agents set it up from the start. Now, however weak or strong their evidence is of the issue they are investigating, they’ve got you on a Section 1001 charge — a federal felony. In effect, they are manufacturing felonies in the course of investigations. ALL BS …


You going somewhere with this?.. You may be hoping for some devastating charge against Trump… but that don’t make it so… Until then just relax and keep dreaming.


Folks on MSNBC are now saying that this means that he is cooperating and because he won’t be sentenced on this guilty plea for perhaps months, he is now obligated to continue to cooperate. Because there is so much they could have him on and prove, this very light guilty plea means he gave up something pretty good already.


More stupid shit ! :laughing: Wasting millions in taxpayer dollar on BS , it fits the liberal democratic mold . An abuse of power indeed !


Oh to have been a fly on the wall of these Flynn plea negotiations :male_detective:t5:



The only way I think that this could possibly play as a negative to the administration is that when Pence became aware for Flynn lying to him was a couple of weeks after senior officials… including perhaps Trump became aware of his meetings. I’m not sure that this actually harms the administration unless someone was acted about the earlier briefings and they denied knowledge… Hummm


Nah… neodems got rid of chain gangs as being cruel and unusual punishment… now their only prison bargaining chip is TV privileges… :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Trump directed Flynn to meet with the Russian ambassador. It’s what a president-elect does. So he’s guilty of engaging in lawful actions, no different than the staff of former presidents.

Big nothing burger after twelve months of bullshit!


Real smart thinking there. Flynn is going to turn on the one man who can pardon him. Ok.


So - as usual - everyone on the Right can easily be convicted for the smallest infraction; everyone on the Left is untouchable no matter how outrageously treasonous and capital criminal their crimes are.

We need justice reform fast, or this country will not last no matter what else we do.


The Obama administration unlawfully unmasked Flynn, so that it could prosecute him on a crime that only implicates Flynn.

Now it is time to focus on the unmasking and prosecute those responsible for the unmasking, bringing down half of the Obama administration.


Flynn is just a distraction from the Kate Steinle verdict so we don’t riot.



Oh no, an unnamed “source” on MSNBC said something that’s very bad for Trump.