I can’t wait for his impeachment @Tyfoon. You have had a year of gloating about this racist. His days are numbered and when it happens my guess is you’ll be very quiet.



What specifically made him a racist? I would be interested in understanding your position relative to your statement


I’m not trolling. I really mean this.

So it’s clear that Flynn spoke to Russia and perhaps other nations about foreign policy during the transition. And let’s posit that he did so with the full knowledge and at the direction of Trump and Pence. So what? This may technically be a violation of the Logan Act but at most we’re talking about the President-elect and his foreign policy team getting a few months ahead of themselves. I understand the notion that we have one President at a time. But this feels like the incoming Administration trying to make sure the actions of the outgoing Administration don’t close off some of their legitimate (though bone-headed) policy choices.

I don’t see this as remotely as bad as Nixon trying to delay a peace deal in Vietnam so he could get the credit. Or even Reagan trying to put off a release of hostages in Iran until he took office. What’s implied so far is a “DC scandal” not a big deal. And certainly not the same as colluding with Russia to change the outcome of the 2016 election. Or promising a quid pro quo on foreign policy in exchange for personal gain.


The question is, why was it necessary to lie about it, if it was no biggie?

It does make a 2+2 in that Russian efforts to elect Trump are taken as fact, and his team’s efforts to help Russia ditto. Trump team talking about Magnitsky repeal and Crimea sanctions lift doesn’t help make this look like a relatively normal, stand-alone, foreign-policy move.

More to the point, the simple fact of Flynn’s lie leads to the other “senior” officials lying. These lies are crimes by themselves.


And this is security clearance 101 no-no.

If you feel the need to conceal something, then that, by itself, makes you a blackmail candidate and security risk.

It does not matter “how bad” that thing is. Since you feel the need to conceal you are showing yourself to be a security risk.


So you see it as the second half of a Russia-Trump quid pro quo? OK…I guess I can see that perspective.

Trump and Pence haven’t been interviewed by the FBI or otherwise put in a position to lie under oath. That particular thread doesn’t connect to them (yet). Is it possible that an investigation into Flynn’s lie could get to where a court orders Trump or Pence to sit down for a deposition?


Also, he is being charged, and pleading guilty to, the least worse charge, because he is cooperating. They (Mueller et al) have in their hip pocket a series of other charges that they could hit him with. So you are right, of all of the things, this is not so horrible or terrible. It will most likely land him in jail for a period, and put a stain on a lifetime of service. But it could have been and still could be if this cooperation thing goes south, MUCH much worse.


So now we know - we have it on court record - that there were communications between Russia and the Trump campaign, that there is a highly placed Trump campaign official and former National Security Adviser providing detailed, incriminating information about Trump to Special Counsel Mueller, and that there is more to come.

It’s bad enough that Flynn lied to the FBI, which is a felony with sentencing up to five years imprisonment, and it’s bad enough that the Trump transition team was conducting foreign policy before it took office, but what’s really important in this story is what Flynn’s testimony portends.


He’d better give them something good. Poor Martha Stewart had to do serious time for this exact crime.


Flynn has all the goods on Obongo and Killary. That’s why he went to Trump Tower right after the election. Maybe his plea is to immunize him from any personal wrongdoing from his time in Obongo’s administration. Obongo fired Flynn for a reason. He’s taking Clinton down no question.

Here’s the thing, Flynn didn’t need to make a plea. He easily could have plead not guilty and take it to trial - money is not an issue. There is no way the government wants to go though discovery process. It opens a huge can of worms.

And no matter the crime they could pin on Flynn, Trump would pardon him. He’ll be pardoned for this eventually.
The whole thing is a play. The plea, the charges, the statements, the leaks about how Flynn is bankrupt and abandoned is all a set up for the next move.


Must you constantly be so racist?


How is that even remotely racist? It’s a play on his Kenyan name. I could call him a few other things that would actually be racist, but I choose not to do that.

Speaking of Kenya…here is Michael Obama confirming the Kenyan’s birthplace.


Lol, yep, because lying to the FBI is just “some bullshit”. Apparently you’re unaware of how plea bargains work. Mueller has much more on Flynn than just his lying to the FBI. By offering him the opportunity to only be charged with lying to the FBI, pleading guilty to that and agreeing to further testify without an attorney present, without being allowed to plead the fifth, Flynn gets at most just five years but likely would serve 6 months, perhaps no jail time, depending on his level of cooperation going forward.


One prosecution at a time.


Hillary walked after she lied to the FBI over keeping classified information on her personal email server and about destroying government equipment. Wasn’t that some bullshit?


None, this investigation is far from over. Wait for it.



Reminder that Mueller is a criminal and an expert at framing his targets. He doesn’t succeed all the time (pic related), but that’s how he built his career. Most of the people he hired on the team are the same or agree with his methods.


This is another piece in Mueller’s careful and methodical prosecution of his investigation. Manafort, Gates, Papodopholous, Flynn…wait for it.


Flynn lied to Pence, and was fired over it. He told the same lies to investigators. This isn’t even new info, let alone has anything to do with Trump. “Talking with Russians” is not remotely the same as “Talking with Russian government to help manipulate the election”. The media and left knows nothing will come of this and are only blowing it up so when nothing comes of it they useful idiots can have their confirmation bias stroked and think it’s all a big miscarriage of justice. Fucking dumbfucks.