How did I know MSNBC !! Realy dude fake ass news !!!:laughing::laughing::laughing:


And non-partisan Stevie John doesn’t defend the corrupt dems does he ??? :laughing::laughing::laughing: quack ,quack


You mean like Bill Clinton ???


So… what exactly has @Stuffed said that ‘defended’ Flynn’s lie to the FBI?


But whispering you will do more after the election is okie dokie !!! :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Unless pardoned !:wink: Would that just make you fucking snowflakes head explode !! :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


That’s the rub.

What @Montecresto1 is failing to see is that anything Flynn provides will be Fruit of the Poisonous Tree.

The evidence that led to Flynn being put into this position could have only come from one place - illegal surveillance.


All accurate…


Hillary lied to the FBI , Congress, and the American people multiple times and you nitwits are silent . Too much wheeling and dealing not enough justice !


Lmao, Flynn put HIMSELF into this position when he lied to FBI and when he failed to inform State that he was a foreign lobbyist and took 530K income without reporting it, and there’s the matter of the cleric and the 15 million deal, and who knows what else Mueller has on Flynn, the better he cooperates with the ongoing investigation, the better his chances of not being prosecuted beyond the felony that he’s admitted to. :wink:


And some people have difficulty reading because man hasn’t the number of fingers on his hands to count the times that I’ve declared HRC should be in prison on this forum. Anybody that’s mad that she’s not has the TIC to blame as he PROMISED to lock her up if he was elected. But this is about Flynn isn’t it. :wink:


You may call it a “fake dossier” all you wish, but that has no bearing on Mueller and his team prosecuting their investigation.


Don’t tell anyone, Hillary is still not and never will be the president.


Ok. I’ve sat on the sidelines long enough.

That is a completely incorrect statement. The Fusion GPS dossier was used as the evidence by which a FISA judge granted the surveillance warrants necessary to spy on the Trump campaign. Without the surveillance, there is no evidence. At least no evidence that is admissible in court. So if the entire Mueller investigation is predicated on evidence that was obtained illegally, then any and all results of said investigation are null and void. When that is revealed, Flynn’s plea of guilty goes away, as does Mueller, and the entire Russian narrative. Got it?


The double standard.

Muller is hell bent on prosecuting and ending this administration and Hilly walks free.

I can only say, the democrats will pay for that and live to regret it.


But I don’t buy that premise and the FISA is a legal process.


Lol, that’s not going to happen. People are going to prison. Drain the swamp!! Got it??


If the government has agreed not to prosecute Flynn on the much more serious charges his alleged connections with Russia could have triggered, then it’s probably getting something very significant in return. That something is probably evidence against someone higher up the food chain, and at this point, there aren’t too many links left in that chain.


The government owns Flynn now, he has to cooperate on a rolling basis. Mueller’s team has full control over Flynn now, they can call him in for additional testimony as they need/want, without his attorneys.


The fact is, if the basis of the warrant was the Fusion GPS report, and that report was fraudulent, then regardless of how “legal” the process is to obtain a FISA warrant it was still done based on a fraud. Ever heard of GIGO? That’s what we are seeing here.